Fortnite’s Battle Royal has an interesting phenomenon currently, there is a large purple cube that is moving. First, starting in the desert in the Paradise Palms area, located on the top of a large rock, it has began moving slowly, appears to be moving towards Loot Lake / Dusty Divot Area.

Where is the Cube Moving?

The cube, which first appeared in a wave of lightning last week, is the latest in a long line of in-game events developer Epic Games has used to changed the map and game play. In previous instances, a rocket launched into the sky, rifts appeared across the map and an entire go-kart course appeared. But now as we approach the end of Season 5, more changes are abound and this mysterious purple cube could be the key to what happens next. The only problem is, nobody knows where the cube is going or what’s going to happen when it gets there but something is definitely going to happen.

FNBR Purple Moving Cube

Fortnite Battle Royale Moving Cube

FNBR Cube Movement Ideas & Explanations

Below are a few ideas from various players of Fortnite Battle Royale.

The cube will go to the middle of Dusty Divot, the lightning will strike, Dusty will catch fire ? and gets filled with water and then dirt. Dirt grows grass, in Season 6 they rebuild Dusty.

The cube moves across Salty and crushes various houses and changes the area.

The cube is tied to the Rocket Launch, the Rocket Launch fractured the sky and henced caused the creation of the cube, the cube is now being pulled towards the
Loot Lake area and changes the map.

The cube can be monitored here in Real Time – FNBR.co.

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