Fortnite Search Between the Chairs Challenge – Season 5 Week 8


This challenge isn’t that difficult, it’s a lot of leg work, however if you’ve not played for a while, a noob or don’t pay much attention to the FNBR map we’ve included some hints below.

As with all weekly challenges, be prepared that these areas will most likely be busy as game players with the Battle Pass are trying to complete this challenge, it’s normally really busy the first few days and then less so.

Essentially though, you want to head towards Flush Factory and look for the very big chairs, trust me you can’t miss them:

  • The big toilet statue in the parking lot of Flush Factory.
  • The giant wooden chair at the small town north of Flush Factory.
  • A very hard to miss “chair” made of shipping containers, wooden pallets, and boxes in the factory area.

The center of these three locations places you on top of the mountain north of Flush Factory where a lone toilet rests. Look for the battle star on the west side of the mountain on top of a small patch of dirt, the easiest thing to do is run around the dirt patches, the Battle Star will then appear if you run over the correct one.  The quadrant is D9 on the Fortnite Battle Royale Map Below and spots highlighted in Yellow below.

Fortnite Search Between Three Oversized Seats Week 8 Challenge

Fortnite Search Between Three Oversized Seats Week 8 Challenge

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