So recently the cube in Fortnite has moved across the map. As we know, it started in Paradise Palms but is now around Dusty Divot. People were suggesting that the cube would end up at Loot Lake but it’s went way around it.

FNBR Cube Triangle Pattern

Right now, there’s a triangle pattern of the various Runes and FNBR Cube Dust or the Magnetic Fields, what does this pattern mean?  Is it significant?  Can the triangle pattern point to something about to happen right in the middle of the triangle.

Fortnite Battle Royale Triangle pattern from Cube

Fortnite Battle Royale Triangle pattern from Cube

What’s the next location of the Cube?

I did some researching on the internet and might have found its final location. According to a map it will travel around Retail Row, into Wailing Woods, through Lazy Links, the “Haunted House” and eventually end up at Loot Lake.

Cube in Season 6?

This could be big information and maybe be a hint of what Season 6 might be like. Could the cube be heading for the world renowned Tilted Towers and finally give us a bigger and better place? Will Tilted Towers finally be destroyed?

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