New Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon Update Season 5 Week 9

In the most recent content update, Fortnite introduced a new weapon.  Due to that, they also removed a weapon, the drum gun, and a very popular weapon indeed. Why?  Not really sure, but there has been chatter on various Fortnite forums that Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, has been getting a lot of hate for the removal of the drum gun, one of the most popular and over-powering guns in the game. In it’s place they likewise introduced a suppressed scar or assault rifle.  Epic Games most likely decided to remove the drum gun to keep the game fresh and changing but also many gamers spammed the drum gun because of its high rate of fire.

New Suppressed AR Fortnite

New Suppressed AR Fortnite

Latest Fortnite V5.40 Content Update – Suppressed Assault Rifle

Most importantly, Fortnite’s latest content update has a couple items that were introduced for the first time to Fortnite or vaulted from Battle Royale for the time being.

  • Suppressed Assault Rifle Added – Sneaky weapon that rewards trigger discipline with precision.  Can be found in Vending Machines, floor loot, Treasure Chests, and Supply Drops.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary Variants. 32/33 damage per shot.
  • Vaulted Drum Gun

As mentioned above, the suppressed scar is an assault rifle that does between 32/33 body damage. This gun is exceptionally quiet which makes it almost difficult to tell where you’ve been shot from.  It will be interesting to see how gamers use the suppressed AR in game play but it’s pretty similar to the drum gun’s rate of fire, capacity and damage.  Ali-A, the popular Fortnite gamer, has a video below of him using the new suppressed assault rifle / scar.

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