What Happened to the Cube in Fortnite … It Melted in Loot Lake

On September 19th, the mysterious Purple Cube that first appeared in Fortnite Season 5 on August 24th in Paradise Palms has melted in Loot Lake. This has caused Loot Lake’s water to turn purple from blue as well as the water turning into Magnetic Field allowing Fortnite gamers to bounce across Loot Lake. Because of this bouncing game play Loot Lake has recently turned into a popular landing spot.

Loot Lake Cube Melted

Loot Lake Cube Melted

Final Fortnite Cube Movement Day 26

Below is a map of the movement of the Cube and it’s final movement across 26 days.

FNBR Cube Movement Map

FNBR Cube Movement Map h/t @Siloxleaks Twitter

Some Game Play Possibilities Coming to Season 6 of Fortnite

Over the past few days, many have speculated that the Runes left behind from the Cube have pointed to clues that Tilted Towers will be altered or maybe even destroyed in Season 6.  What do you think?  Also what will happen to Loot Lake, will it go back to being a lake or will it not be a permanent Magnetic Field, hence “Bouncy Lake”?  Will it turn into Lava Lake?  Below are a few recent videos from popular Fortnite gamer Ali-A and his speculation on what may be occurring.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Season 6 and the Cube” playlist_yt=”3pVwbY3333k,7k09QYQAfPI” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

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