Shadow Stones are Back

After being deactivated for several days, shadow stones are back and better than ever.  Shadow stones were pulled from the game shortly after the release of Season 6 due to bug issues.  Earlier this afternoon, Eric from Epic Games on Reddit announced the following.


What Happened to the Shadow Stones?  Why Were They Disabled?

Epic Games didn’t go into detail on what the bug issue relating to the Shadow Stones was, but it appears players have discovered a bug that allowed them to shoot their weapons while being invisible. Normally, when you consume a Shadow Stone, you’ll turn into Shadow Form, which allows you to appear invisible to other players when standing still, but at the expense of being able to use your weapon.

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Shadow Stones Fortnite Details

  • Consumable typically found around corrupted areas of the map.
  • Using a Shadow Stone will apply ‘Shadow Form’ for a brief period.

While in Shadow Form

  • Unable to use weapons.
  • Become invisible to enemies when stationary.
  • You become more visible and leave behind a Shadow Trail when moving.
  • Gain increased movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity.
  • Gain a new ability, Phase, can be activated by pressing the Primary Fire button.
  • Phase: Propels you in the direction you are facing, and allows you to pass through objects
  • The effect lasts 45 seconds but can be exited early by holding down Alt Fire button (aim down sights).

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