Fornite Floating Island Movement


Fornite Battle Royale Floating Island Movement

The floating island in Fortnite Battle Royale continues to move across the Fornite map.  Week 3 is approaching in Season 6 and the floating island has moved to it’s fourth corrupted area.  Currently, the floating island is in the corrupted /runes area between the Paradise Palms Racetrack and Retail Row.

Fortnite Season 6 Floating Island Paradise Palms Racetrack / Retail Row

Fortnite Season 6 Floating Island Paradise Palms Racetrack / Retail Row

Floating Island’s Gradual Movement

For those new to FNBR, one remembers the origins of the floating island, the mysterious purple cube that appeared in Season 5.  As a result of the Cube disappearing into the depths of Loot Lake at the end of Season 5, the floating island first appeared in Season 6 in Loot Lake.  It has now visited the corrupted areas near Greasy Grove, between Shifty Shafts and Pleasant Park, runes / corrupted area near Fatal Fields and now Paradise Palms Racetrack and Retail Row.  In each place the floating island has visited, it has left it’s mark.  As a result, the terrain beneath the cube has been changed.  In some places, the landscape has been raised, appearing to form a volcanic type rock shape as well as leaving behind gravity field divots.

FNBR Runes and the Floating Island

There seems to be a pattern forming, where the floating island seems to visit the runes across the Fortnite Map.  The question is, what will eventually happen in these corrupted areas?  I’m guessing there will be some sort of volcanic event that will continue to transform the Fortnite Battle Royale Map going forward.

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