Week 3 Season 6 Challenges Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games released the Week 3 Challenges for Season 6 of FNBR yesterday.  We have noted those below as well as ways to easily complete and conquer all the challenges.  Keep in mind, each challenge completed will earn you Battle Stars that can be used to unlock various Fornite Battle Royale items including Free vbucks.

Free Challenges

  • Revive a player in different matches (0/5)
  • Stage 1: Search a chest in Lonely Lodge (0/1)
  • Damage Trap eliminations (0/1)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in the same match (0/1)
  • Hit a player with a Tomato 15m away or more (0/1)
  • Complete timed trials (HARD)(0/3)
  • Eliminate opponents in different matches (0/10)

Free Fornite Battle Royale Challenges Week 3

The first challenge: Revive a player in different matches (0/5), this can be completed in Squad / Duo game play.  Reviving players is pretty simple.  However you’ll have to play at least five different matches and in order to complete this challenge you have revive a player in each.

The second challenge is also pretty simple on a game play scale.  It will require you to search chests in various locations, starting with Lonely Lodge.  Keep in mind, when completing these challenges there are Fortniters who are looking for easy eliminations, so keep your head on a swivel.

Trap eliminations, this is another challenge that may take some time to complete.  It’s not difficult per se but requires you to first find a trap.  Second, it requires patience knowing that another player has to run into your trap.  The easiest way to execute this challenge is landing in locations like Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers where there are a lot of buildings / houses that gamers run through without paying attention to traps.  Ceiling traps are the best for that method.  Also during game play, specifically when build battling, it can be fairly easy to trap your opponent using a trap.  Again, assuming you can find one.  We’ve included a few helpful videos so you can get an idea of how others have completed the Trap Eliminations in Fortnite.

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[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Fortnite Trap Eliminations” playlist_yt=”YKEvSq2mHRE,AZry1drDU0g,jzlwi4HuG9Y,T6z4v62MJC4″ playlist_auto_play=”0″]

Battle Pass Challenges Week 3 Season 6

The first Battle Pass challenge consists of visiting two different locations in the same match.  There are four different stages.  As you go through the stages, you’ll notice the locations get further apart.  It’s a simple challenge that can be completed easily in all modes, Solo, 50v50 or the new Disco Domination.

Hit a player with a Tomato 15m away or more.  Remember to keep in mind, the tomato is a emote which is earned during Season 6, rank 28 of the Battle Pass.  The easiest way to complete this challenge is while waiting for the bus, just throw it at hit another player while being 15 meters away.  I say again, this doesn’t have to be in game play and is much easier while just waiting for the bus.  Also remember where you aim is where you’ll end of throwing the tomato, the higher you aim the further is will go.

Complete three different timed trials.  Timed trials, consist of building and touching coins as you complete the trial, as you can guess each trial is timed.  We have made a post on the various locations of the timed trials.  The easiest way to complete these are during 50vs50 or Disco Domination.  If you get lucky enough, you’ll find these may have already been completed.  I completed these during Disco Domination, in which two of the three had already been completed for me, I just had to follow the builds.

Eliminate opponents in different in ten different matches.  The new LTM, Disco Domination is probably the fastest way to complete this challenge.  Reason being, is that enemies are easy to find and often times you are fighting multiple at once, making it easy to get eliminations quickly.

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