Fortnite Shooting Galleries Map and Location Week 4 Season 6

One of the harder Fortnite Battle Royale challenges in Week 4 for Season 6 Battle Pass holders.  Get a score of 3 or more at 5 different shooting galleries.  The hardest part of this challenge is figuring out the various locations of the shooting galleries on the Fortnite Map.  Fortunately, the internet exists as it makes the challenge a lot easier.  For the time being, the easiest mode to complete the shooting galleries challenge is the Disco Domination mode.  Funny, I mentioned the Disco Domination mode, it was one of the only locations were I ran into an enemy, which I put down quickly with a close range snipe.

Shooting Galleries Map Fortnite

As you can see from the map below, all the locations are pretty spread out so it will take a few games.  Be prepared to run into some random enemies off the beaten track but I wouldn’t expect much traffic especially as the week passes by.  Now for the specific shooting galleries locations.  Keep in mind, there are five different locations that you’ll need to visit and score a 3 or above.

  1. On a hill top in the desert, South of the corrupted area, in the Paradise Palms vicinity, just South of Retail Row.
  2. Northwest of Dusty Divot, near an overturned truck that is directly West of Dusty Diner.
  3. East of Factory and just West of Fatal Fields, in between Factory and Fatal Fields on a hill top, you’ll have to build to reach the location unless you land there or have a grappler
  4. Wailing Woods vicinity, specifically Southeast of Wailing Woods, near a crashed RV and one of the new lodges that showed up in Season 6
  5. East of Risky Reels on an just below an Ice Cream truck and North of the two houses.  Hint, there are a couple of rifts that are located just North of the ice cream truck on the hill.
Fortnite Shooting Galleries Map and Locations - Week 4 Season 6 Challenge

Fortnite Shooting Galleries Map and Locations – Week 4 Season 6 Challenge

How to Complete the Shooting Galleries Fortnite Challenge Week 4 Season 6

Look for the gray plate with the foot prints, line your feet up with the same direction as the gray plate.  You’ll need to step on the plate in order for the target to come up.  Also you may have to step on it a couple times especially if you need more chances completing the challenge.  The easiest way to reload your target round is just to jump, that way you don’t need to adjust your feet and avoid stepping on and off.

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One thing to remember, the targets come up to the sides of you as well, just not straight ahead so if you aren’t getting credit for shooting some of the targets, you’ll need to shoot the ones on the sides as well.  I found the best weapon to complete this challenge was the Pistol.  Once completed you’ll receive 10 Battle Stars.

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