Fortnite Season 6 Find Sheet Music Challenge Map and Locations

Season 6 Week 6 Challenges in Fortnite debuts the interesting challenge of finding and playing sheet music in FNBR gameplay.  This Season 6 Week 6 Battle Pass challenge consists of four different stages, two stages including finding the sheet music and the remaining two includes playing the sheet music that you found.

Find Sheet Music Map and Locations

The locations of the sheet music are in a house in Pleasant Park and a shop in Retail Row.  Once you find the sheet music in the near vicinity of these two locations you’ll spot a big white and black piano keyboard where you’ll play the sheet music you found.  I recommend on landing to fly over these locations to spot the piano keyboard.  Quick tip, if you look towards the top of the piano keyboard you’ll also notice the notes will be displayed.  So you don’t have to memorize them, we have also included them below along with a map of the locations.

Find Sheet Music Stages

  • Stage 1 – Find the Sheet Music in Pleasant Park (HARD)
  • Stage 2 – Play the Sheet Music at the piano near Pleasant Park (HARD)
  • Stage 3 – Find the Sheet Music in Retail Row (HARD)
  • Stage 4 – Play the sheet music at the piano near Retail Row (HARD)
Find Sheet Music Location Map

Find Sheet Music Location Map

*NOTE: In the map above the location of the Sheet Music and Keyboards are in the faint yellowish circles

Pleasant Park Find Sheet Music Guide

If you’re not sure how to get started, the location of the Sheet Music and piano keyboard near Pleasant Park have been marked on the map above. After collecting the Sheet Music in the Pleasant Park house with a spider outside, travel to the nearby cliff and play the tune.

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The notes that need to be played are: C, E, G, E, C

Retail Row Find Sheet Music Guide

For stage three you’ll need to head to Retail Row and find another sheet of music. This time around, you’ll find it on a stand in a building on the far east side of the town, as shown on the map above.

Once collected, head to the piano keyboard location indicated on the map and play the notes: A, E, F, A, E, C, A

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