Fortnite Different Radar Challenge Speed of 27 or more Challenge

Lots of questions regarding the Week 4 Season 6 Challenge in Fornite, I refer to it as the speed test.  First off, use the new Quad Crasher to complete this challenge, it’s so much easier to complete it using it.  Next, you’ll need to know where to find the different radar locations, we have included a map below with that information.  Remember when completing this location to use the boost otherwise you won’t hit the 27 MPH goal.  I would recommend starting in Paradise Palms as there are two radar locations in this area.  Also pick up the Quad Crasher just East of Paradise near the edge of the map, there are always a couple Quad Crashers at that location and not a lot of fighting normally.

Radar Locations and Map in Fortnite Battle Royale

We have included a map below of all the various radar locations on the Fortnite Map.  As you can notice, there are seven different locations spread across the FNBR map.  Make sure you refer to our Quad Crasher post to see where the best place to get a Quad Crasher is.

Record a speed of 27 or more in front of different radar signs

Record a speed of 27 or more in front of different radar signs

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