Fortnite Trophy Fish Location and Map – Week 8 Challenge Season 6

Week 8 Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale presents an interesting challenge of finding seven total Trophy Fish and dancing in front of each.  The trophy fish is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a fish, appears to be a bass, plated on a trophy, similar to “Big Mouth Billy Bass”.  Once in front of the Trophy fish you need to use a dancing emote and dance in front of the fish.  The fish will then start an animated process of flapping back and playing music.  Interesting Week 8 Challenge in Season 6 to say the least.  We have included a map below of the various locations, there are seventeen total so lots of different options.

Dance With a Trophy Fish Locations and Map

As mentioned above, there are seventeen different locations of the trophy fish.  They include the following locations.  A map is below, click on the map for a larger version in separate window.  NOTE, this may be obvious but all the locations are noted with the Fish icon.

  1. Junk Junction in the main factory building
  2. Haunted Hills Castle
  3. Pleasant Park, picnic area
  4. Lazy Links, store shop
  5. Risky Reels, two story building
  6. Wailing Woods, underground area
  7. Lonely Lodge, main lodge area
  8. Retails Row, front of shop, East side
  9. Dusty Diner, Diner area
  10. Salty Springs, big house to West of town
  11. Titled Towers, under construction building area
  12. Snobby Shores, furthest house to the South
  13. Greasy Grove, main store area
  14. Shifty Shafts, shed located to the East
  15. Fatal Fields, barn
  16. Paradise Palms, building located to the North
  17. Lucky Landing, inside a building to the Southeast of town
Fortnite Week 8 Season Cheat Sheet Map and Locations

Fortnite Week 8 Season Cheat Sheet Map and Locations / HT SquatingDog Twitter

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