Map and Location Guide for Week 1 Season 7 Challenge of Dance on Top of a Crown of RVs, a Metal Turtle and a Submarine

The debut of Season 7 Week 1 of Fortnite Battle Royale introduced a dance challenge.  As part of the Battle Pass Challenges for Week 1 Season 7 is a dance challenge where you are to find three different landmarks on the Fortnite Season 7 map and dance on the top of each.  We have included a detailed map of each location as well as explained their locations.

  • Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RV’s – 1 Battle Star

This initial stage can be solved by landing in the Paradise Palms area.  The exact location is in the vicinity with all the different huts.  Crown of RV’s is just South, located on a hill with a bunch of RVs sticking out of the ground.  Simply land at this location on the Battle Bus jump or zip line / build up from the the hut area. 

  • Stage 2: Dance on top of a metal turtle – 1 Battle Star

The Metal Turtle is on the edge of the map, just East in between Lonley Lodge and Wailing Woods and also located on a hill.  You’ll see this location as you glide down from Battle Bus jump.  Land on the Metal Turtle and use any dance emote to dance, once completed you’ll be notified via a banner.

  • Final Stage: Dance on top of submarine – 1 Battle Star

The Submarine is also the same location as the Secret Battle Star for Week 1 Season 7 and can be found directly to the East of the new Frosty Flights.  Once on top of the Submarine use your favorite dance emote to complete the challenge.  Once completed you’ll be awarded one Battle Star.

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Dance on Top Of Map

Below is a detailed map of each of the three different locations, click on Fortnite map for larger image if need be.

Season 7 Week 1 Submarine, Metal Turtle, Crown of RVs Dance Locations Map
Season 7 Week 1 Submarine, Metal Turtle, Crown of RVs Dance Locations Map
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