Week 2 Season Dance Off at an Abandoned Mansion Challenge Fortnite

Now we know why Epic Games introduced the Dance emotes into Fortnite, to use as Weekly Challenges, right?  In Week 2 Season 7 of Battle Royale, we are introduced to the weekly challenge, “Dance Off Challenge at an Abandoned Mansion“.  This is a Battle Pass challenge in Week 2 Season 7 of Fortnite.  As for the difficulty level, the Dance Off challenge is an easy challenge to complete but first you need to know where to complete the challenge at. 

Fortnite’s Abandoned Mansion could be a few different areas on the map but one area that sticks out is the Abandoned Mansion near the Race Track in Paradise Palms.  The mansion has been around for a few seasons in Fortnite Battle Royale however in Season 6 the mansion turned Abandoned and with all Abandoned houses the outside and inside of the mansion turned tattered.

Abandoned Mansion Location and Map

We have included a map below of the Abandoned Mansion location.  As mentioned above, the location is just North of the Race Track in Paradise Palms.  The Dance Floor is specifically located in the lower level.

Week 2 Season 7 Abandoned Mansion Challenge Fortnite
Week 2 Season 7 Abandoned Mansion Challenge Fortnite

How to Complete the Abandoned Mansion Challenge

Once you get to the location, visit the lower level of the Abandoned mansion.  If you go to the side of the mansion you’ll be able to access the dance floor quickly.  The dance floor is separated into two sides.  What you’ll want to do is dance inside the squares of the dance floor that light up.  When the entire dance floor lights up that’s when you will know you have completed the challenge successfully.  The Dance Off challenge is worth 10 Battle Stars once completed.  Tip, you may want to have a weapon handy as things can get ugly when the challenge is done.

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Dance Off at Abandoned Mansion Video

We have included a helpful video guide below on what to expect and how to complete the Dance Off at an Abandoned Mansion Week 2 Season 7 challenge.

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