Fortnite New Consumable Item the Boom Box

Epic Games introduced a new consumable item into Fortnite Battle Royale yesterday, the item, Boom Box.  Here is how Epic Games describes the Boom Box:

Drop the bass with the newest item available in Battle Royale, the Boom Box! Crank the volume and toss it at enemy structures to tear down their defenses.

Essentially the Boom Box will break any structure within a certain radius of it.  Keep in mind, the Boom Box does progressive damage to the structure over a period of time.  I’ve used it a few times and it seems to be pretty effective in wiping out builds quickly.  I believe Epic continues to introduce items such as the Boom Box, as a way to keep the playing field somewhat level against master builders.

Boom Box

  • Activate to create powerful blasts of music that deal structure damage in a large area!
  • Newly built walls in the radius of the box are destroyed with every blast.
  • Shoot the Boom Box to stop its effects.
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