Search Chilly Gnomes Fornite Week 6 Season 7 Challenge Map and Location Guide / Cheat Sheet

Week 6 Season 7 in Fortnite Battle Royale has the interesting Free challenge, Search Chilly Gnomes.  Gnomes are pretty popular in Fortnite Battle Royale and have been around for a few seasons now.  Not to mention, they are also in Save the World, so Epic Games does appear to have a place in their heart for Gnomes.  Anyways, in this challenge you have to search and find seven different locations.  Luckily for you, there are 14 different locations of the Chilly Gnomes scattered in the Snow Biome area for you to choose from.  We have included a map below of all the fourteen locations.

From first glance, a quick tip, would be to either to start in the middle of the Chilly Gnomes locations and then work outwards from that location.  Another possibility, would be to start either at the top or bottom and work horizontally, and then inward to find the last remaining Chilly Gnomes.

Search Chilly Gnomes Map and Locations

For your convenience, we have included a map of all 14 locations for the Week 6 Season 7 Challenge, Search Chilly Gnomes.  This is a free challenge and requires you to search seven out of of the fourteen Chilly Gnomes locations.  Once completed you will be rewarded with 5 Battle Stars and possibly tier up.

Search Chilly Gnomes Map Locations

Search Chilly Gnomes Map Locations

Seven Chilly Gnomes Locations

Here are eight of the fourteen Chilly Gnomes locations in text format for those that prefer that method.

  1. Southwest of Tilted Towers: Around grid reference C6 in the top left of the quadrant
  2. West of Lucky Landing: Around grid reference E10, above the cliff
  3. Lucky Landing: Around grid reference E10, above the “U” in “Lucky Landing”
  4. Snobby Shores: Next to the Viking Ship amongst the icy rocks around grid reference B6
  5. Polar Peak: Next to the campfire facing the tower around grid reference C8
  6. Tilted Towers: In front of the RV just to the south of the area around grid reference D6
  7. Shifty Shafts: Locate the giant tree nestled in the rocky outcropping and you’ll find the gnome nearby too
  8. Frosty Flights: To the south around grid reference B9. Find the crashed plane and drop through the hole nearby.
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