The Iceberg in Fortnite Has a New Secret With a Hatch


The latest 7.20 update to Fortnite brought with it a new event mystery for fans to wait for as a new hatch has been discovered. The quick rundown of events goes like this: When the update kicked in, players noticed the iceberg that crashed into the island suddenly had a health meter, of 5,000,000,000. So, of course, players started taking wacks at it with their pickaxe because they wanted to see what the hell was underneath this thing. When they finally cracked it open, they found this…

credit//Epic Games

Yep, another hatch! Just like the one that popped up in Wailing Woods in Season 4. And just like that hatch, this one does absolutely nothing. A couple of people on Twitter have done their best hacking jobs and found that it’s just a shaft that leads to nothing but a gray floor at the bottom. You can go check it out now as it’s been cracked open for all to see, but we’re guessing it’s going to lead to nothing and was basically another McGuffin that will sit there until Fortnite Season 8 kicks in.

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