Fortnite leaks: Ice ball controlled by the Ice King, Medieval Sword mythic weapon, Mini Uzi, Marshmello music video


Everyone loves some Fortnite leaks, right? There are still six weeks left of Fortnite season 7 but since this season is 12 weeks long, it means we’re at the halfway mark. Changes have started to happen ahead of Fortnite season 8, starting with a huge ice ball that has appeared in the sky above Polar Peak.

Epic love some basic shapes, right? Seemingly related to Kevin the Cube, this new ice sphere is causing player’s screens to shroud in frost whenever they go near. At around the same time, a huge ice block appeared on a small island in the south-west corner of the map. Players quickly discovered that it could be damaged, and that it had a health total of five billion.

The ice block turned out to be a shared object across all Fortnite games, so players could work together to destroy it and reveal the secret inside. It took just a few hours for the block to be destroyed once word spread of its vulnerability, and inside was… another bunker entrance like the one in Wailing Woods. That’s as far as we’ve got with the in-game events, but thanks to some Fortnite leaks, we know more about what will happen in the near future.

The Ice King is behind it all

As you can see from the video, leakers have managed to finagle their way inside the Fortnite ice ball and commence some form of timer around the outside. Inside, the video shows that the Ice King is floating with something in his hands, seemingly controlling the ice ball. What could he be holding?

It appears to be a miniature, disfigured version of Kevin the Cube. Of course, the last we saw of Kevin in-game was when he exploded at Loot Lake, but he also reappeared in the background of the lobby screen recently. Players initially chalked that down to an easter egg, but perhaps there could be something more behind it?

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Leaked loading screen

In the Fortnite season 7 week eight loading screen that has leaked early, it clearly depicts the Ice King appearing and making something happen on the Fortnite map. It’s strongly rumoured that the snow will eventually cover the whole map again, just like it did over Christmas, and this image below of a supposed upcoming creation on The Block shows snow in the north-east corner of the map.

You may not have noticed, but the snow on the Fortnite map has actually been very slowly expanding. Check out the comparison image below, to see the few feet the snow has moved.

What about the Fortnite dragon eggs?

Much earlier this season, players discovered a number of Fortnite dragon eggs in the bottom of the castle at Polar Peak. The common consensus is that these are dragon eggs – though it hasn’t been confirmed – and there is nothing to show how these tie in to anything that has happened so far. When you approach them in-game, they clearly have a heartbeat which means that whatever is inside is definitely alive.

Frostnite in battle royale

If you’re an avid Fortnite Save The World player, you’ll know all about the Frostnite event that has been going on for the last few weeks. When it comes to battle royale, this is less of a leak and more of an educated guess, but one Reddit user reckons we could see Frostnite in battle royale as an event similar to Fortnitemares.

If one of the leaked items is anything to go by, the Frostnite event could spawn in snowmen mobs, while players could use the leaked Snowman item pictured below to perhaps sneak past them without them being hostile? If not, then snowmen are likely going to replace the bushes throughout the map and the Sneaky Snowman item could replace the bush.

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To give this theory of a Frostnite event in Fortnite even more credence, one of the actual AI mobs has been datamined in the game files. Supposedly called an “Ice Fiend”, this creature strongly resembles the low-health mobs found during the Fortnitemares event over Halloween.

Ice Storm limited time mode

On top of that, three images that will supposedly appear on the in-game television sets have also been leaked from the files. If you can cast your mind back to previous seasons, multiple in-game events have been forecast on the televisions. We had the llama error message, the rocket countdown and launch, and there was even a small alien that made a brief cameo appearance way back in December 2017.

These new images depict the Ice King’s silhouette behind the words “No Signal”, followed by a weather warning countdown that says the bread and milk has sold out across the island. I wish we got to eat bread and milk, our characters are stuck to a strict diet of apples and mushrooms. The final image depicts a snow cloud coming in from the south-west – where the iceberg collided with the island – and covering the rest of the map, implying the entire island will become covered in snow.

We’re unsure whether this is the same as the Frostnite event or different, but Ice Storm challenges have been leaked as you can see above, so unless it’s a test name, expect to see something about an Ice Storm in-game very soon.

Say hello to another mythic weapon

Earlier this season, Epic Games introduced the Infinity Blade to Fortnite and it’s safe to say it was not well received. It was the first mythic weapon we’ve seen – a step above legendary – and it was incredibly overpowered.

A new leak seems to suggest that we’ll be seeing a “Medieval Sword” soon, but according to the Reddit post, it won’t be as powerful as the Infinity Blade. We hope not, because that was not fun to play against.

Mini Uzi, anyone?

Speaking of new weapons, almost a month ago, a Mini Uzi was leaked for Fortnite battle royale. This machine pistol already exists in Save The World, but it looks like it’ll becoming to battle royale at some point in the future too.

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It will be interesting to see how it differs from the now-vaulted Tactical Submachine Gun, or if it’s just essentially a re-skinned version to separate it from the existing regular Submachine Gun.

Get your groove on because Marshmello is releasing his next music video through Fortnite

Last summer, Dillon Francis released his music video for “Look At That Butt” filmed almost entirely within Fortnite. Now it looks like Marshmello is doing things the other way around; a very, very strange music video for one of his songs has been found in the Fortnite files, despite the video not actually featuring Fortnite whatsoever.

The video file name is “FestivusVideo5MinTest_02.mp4”, so it may not come out whatsoever, but it’s a very interesting discovery nevertheless.

Fortnite leaked skins and emotes

Finally, we have all of the leaked skins, emotes, and general cosmetics that will no doubt be coming to Fortnite in the near future. And boy oh boy, there’s a lot of them.

The Ice Queen is undoubtedly the standout skin, as a counterpart to the Ice King. She looks sufficiently evil and nefarious, complete with her Ice Spikes back bling. The Fyra and Jaeger skins look like they’ve been pulled straight out of Horizon Zero Dawn, while Tech Ops is very cool indeed. The Cobalt skin on the other hand has been leaked as part of a starter pack, similar to previous ones where you pay a set price and receive some V-Bucks alongside the skin.

Four new emotes make an appearance, although there’s no in-game footage of them yet so we can’t see exactly what they look like. Some other stand-out items from this set of leaks include the Flimsie Fail pickaxe, described as “Flop Til They Drop”, and the Coaxial Copter: “Dual-rotor Tactical Copter”.

As more Fortnite leaks happen, we’ll be sure to keep this page updated with anything new and exciting.

Have you found the Fortnite Week 7 secret battle star?

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