Fortnite Expedition Outpost Locations and Map

Week 7 Season 7 in Fortnite Battle Royale introduced the challenge, Visit all Expedition Outposts on the Fortnite map.  There are seven Expedition Outpost locations spread out across the Fortnite map.  We have included a map of all the Expedition Outpost locations as well as given a few tips on how to complete this Week 7 Challenge.

How to Complete the Expedition Outpost Challenge Quickly

As you can see from the map below the seven Expedition Outposts are spread out across the Fortnite map.  Luckily for you, each Expedition Outposts not only has a chest in it but  normally a X-4 Stormwing plane close by.  So for this challenge take advantage of the plane to visit each location quickly.

Expedition Outpost Locations

  • On a top of mountain between Lazy Links and Pleasant Park
  • On a hill top between Lazy Links and Tomato Temple
  • To the West of Lonely Lodge on a hill top
  • West of Paradise Palms on a mesa
  • North of Happy Hamlet on mountain top
  • West of Dusty Divot on mountain top
  • Between Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers, North of Factories
Fortnite Expedition Outpost Locations Map

Fortnite Expedition Outpost Locations Map

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