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Brace yourselves, because yet another potential battle royale “titan” (you’ll see why that’s a clever pun in a moment) has entered the fray. Apex Legends, the latest game from developers Respawn Entertainment, known for the excellent Titanfall games (see?). It’s free right now on Origin, but there are a number of things Apex Legends does that set it apart from its main battle royale competitors.

Our Apex Legends guide will take you through the ins and outs of forging your own legend in Apex Legends. We’ll go over how a match plays out, the different character classes and abilities to choose from, the layout of the Apex Legends map and best locations to land, and general tips and tricks to help you and your teammates survive against the 57 enemies out for your blood each match.

We’re currently working hard to flesh out this guides series with new pages covering every aspect of Apex Legends. As each page becomes available a link will be provided in the table below. Until then, have a scroll and learn a little more about this fascinating new battle royale!

Guide Series List

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(Coming Soon!) Apex Legends weapons Damage stats, weapon types, best weapon in Apex Legends
(Coming Soon!) Apex Legends reviving How to revive teammates in Apex Legends
(Coming Soon!) Apex Legends Health and Armour Healing tips, Health vs Armour, Healing Items guide
(Coming Soon!) Apex Legends Ring Ring damage, Apex Legends Ring stages and stats
(Coming Soon!) Apex Legends Ping/Communication How to use Ping in Apex Legends, communication tips and tricks

Guide Contents

How to play Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game available right now on the Origin Store. Like other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG, Apex Legends places you and two teammates into a map with 19 other teams of 3 (making for 60-player matches in total) in a fight to be the last team standing.

Unlike many other battle royales, Apex Legends allows you to pick a character class, giving it some Overwatch-esque hero shooter and team synergy elements to think about. Each “Legend” comes with a unique passive ability, active ability, and ultimate ability which will help you in battle. It’s important to pick a Legend that will combine well with the Legends that your teammates pick.

You start the game with no equipment and must quickly scour your landing area for weapons, ammo, armour, grenades, healing items, and weapon attachments to help you defend yourself against other teams. As time goes on, all players will be forced towards one another by the Ring – a familiar phenomenon for players of other battle royales – which damages players caught outside the ever-shrinking circle.

Apex Legends classes and abilities

There are currently eight Legends to choose from in Apex Legends, each with their own three unique abilities. You cannot choose the same Legend as your teammate, and it’s important to base your choice not only on what you’re familiar with but on what would round out the team’s abilities well.

The Legends and their roles are as follows:

  • Bloodhound (Technological Tracker)
    • Can track enemies and transform into a quick and powerful beast at will.
  • Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress)
    • Can shield himself and allies, and call down a mortar strike on enemies.
  • Lifeline (Combat Medic)
    • Excellent at healing and reviving squad members, and can call down Care Packages of high-quality gear.
  • Pathfinder (Forward Scout)
    • Can grapple to out-of-reach locations, view the Ring’s next location, and create ziplines for fast team travel.
  • Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher)
    • Can easily avoid damage and danger, and help the team cross large distances with teleporation portals.
  • Bangalore (Professional Soldier)
    • Quick and versatile soldier that can fire smoke grenades and call in artillery strikes.
  • Caustic (Toxic Trapper)
    • Fires canisters of toxic gas at enemies, and can see enemies clearly through the gas.
  • Mirage (Holographic Trickster)
    • Can cloak and deploy decoys of himself and team members to confuse and distract enemies.

As you can see, each Legend operates in very different ways, and it’s a very good idea to equip your Legend with weapons and gear that augments their specific skillset. For more information on each of these classes, check out our Apex Legends characters guide for ability walkthroughs alongside focused tips and strategies.

Apex Legends map, locations and travel

Starting a game in Apex Legends works a little differently from other battle royales. After you’ve picked your Legends, one among you is designated the “jumpmaster” and directs all three of you at once as you deploy from the transport ship above the map and soar towards your desired landing location. The other teammates can choose whether to allo the jumpmaster to control them or to peel off from the pack at a certain point. All in all it’s an intuitive feature which encourages team members landing close together so that they can help each other out.

At the moment there’s just the one map, called King’s Canyon; and its Planetside-esque mix of harsh desert terrain and technologically advanced structures makes for a very expansive, vertical and well-designed map, with each location striking a balance between open terrain and plenty of cover for firefights. There are 17 named locations spread across the map:

Artillery Runoff Market
Slum Lakes Bunker Skull Town
Relay Swamps Repulsor
The Pit Airbase Thunderdome
Wetlands Bridges Water Treatment
Cascades Hydro Dam

Because of the Ring’s steady conquering of the map, it’s useful to pick a more central spot, not only because you’re more likely to stay in the Ring longer, but also because it allows you to rotate in any direction to avoid (or look for) fights. But on the flipside of this, landing near the coast limits the directions from which enemies can approach.

Apex Legends Ping system – communicating with teammates

Central to Apex Legends is their philosophy of fostering close teamwork through the system on offer. Most notable is their Ping system, which allows players to “ping” (i.e. highlight) something of interest, whether it’s a helmet lying on the ground or an enemy on the horizon. Whatever you ping, your Legend will voice a preset line to your teammates indicating exactly what you’re talking about. Pinging an extended mag attachment on the ground will result in your Legend saying something like “Extended Light Mag here, Level 1”.

It’s an excellent, well thought out system which you should use at every opportunity to communicate clearly with your teammates. Bind your “ping” action to something easy to reach, and let your teammates know about any information which might help you as a group to achieve victory. For full details on the various options that the Ping system offers players, keep an eye out for our upcoming Apex Legends Ping and Communication guide.

Reviving teammates in Apex Legends

Your Legend’s hit points are divided into Health and Armour. When you reach zero Health in Apex Legends, as long as you’ve a teammate still standing, you will merely be “knocked” – you can crawl around but can’t shoot or use items until you are revived. To revive a “knocked” player, simply stand next to them and hold your Interact key (default “E”) until they are revived.

But uniquely in Apex Legends, even if a teammate fully dies, you still have the opportunity to bring them back. If a “knocked” player is killed, they’ll drop a “banner” which a teammate can pick up. If this banner is inserted into one of various specific revive points spread across the map, then they will be brought back to life, albeit without any of the weapons and gear they had previously.

Apex Legends tips and tricks – how to win

Let’s finish up with some general tips and strategies that we’ve adopted after hours of play. Practice and learn these points, and you and your squadmates will be winning matches in no time.

  • There’s no fall damage in Apex Legends. Yep, that’s right. No need to worry about sheer cliffs or heavy landings.
  • Slide as much as you can. You can slide by holding crouch while running. This works particularly well down slopes but can also be used to great effect on flat terrain. It makes you a faster and smaller target for enemies, so use it whenever you can.
  • Holster your weapon to run much faster. If you’re struggling to keep up with your teammates or want to get somewhere in a hurry, holster your weapon. Seriously, bind that key to something easy to reach, because you’ll be using that a tonne.
  • Communicate with your teammates. Apex Legends’ Ping system is amazing, so it’s no excuse if you don’t have a microphone. Communicate with your teammates. A rising tide raises all ships.
  • Don’t clutter your inventory with tonnes of ammo. Ammo is very plentiful when you do find it, and the temptation is to pick it all up. But your inventory is very limited and it’ll save you lots of needles inventory management if you only pick up what you need, and drop what you don’t.
  • Coordinate and focus fire on one enemy at a time. This is true of most team PvP shooters, and it stands here as well. Use the Ping system to coordinate your attacks, and focus a single enemy at a time if you can. The team that does this most effectively will usually come out on top.
  • You can vault over objects, debris and low walls by running up to them and jumping. While Apex Legends lacks some of the freedom of movement that Titanfall prides itself on (wall-running, double-jumping, etc.) it’s still useful to know that your character will automatically vault most objects and low terrain just by walking up to it and jumping. Use this to stay on the move and reach hard-to-access areas.
  • Gold armour items have the same stats as Purple items, but with an added unique perk. Gear is divided into separate qualities, identified by colour, much like in Fortnite. The higher the quality, the more durable and effective the gear. But at the very top, Gold armour has the same stats as Purple armour, but with an added trait unique to the type of gear. Gold Helmets give you ability cooldown reductions. Gold chestplates allow you to refill your armour after executing a downed enemy. Seek out these high-level pieces of gear and learn their effects.

That’s everything we’ve got on Apex Legends so far. But as previously mentioned we’ll be expanding this series of guides as time goes on and we all learn more about this exciting new battle royale, so bookmark this page and check back soon for all the latest info and strategies. Until then, see you in the Canyon!

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