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Respawn Entertainment surprised everyone with their sudden release of free-to-play “Titanfoyale“, Apex Legends. But there’s a lot to get used to in this game, not least of which is the diverse array of weapons, all with unique stats, quirks, attachments slots, fire patterns, and much more.

Our Apex Legends guns guide will go over every single weapon currently in Apex Legends, from the Hemlok to the Scout, with full stats and opinions on how each one ranks against the rest. We’ve also included a handy table of all attachments in the game at the bottom of this page.

If you’re looking for more general tips and tricks on how to improve your Apex Legends skills, our Apex Legends guide is the best place to start. We’ve got beginner-friendly explanations and links to other areas of our ever-expending guides series, from tips on playing as each of the Apex Legends characters to our Apex Legends reviving and respawning guide.

All the guns in Apex Legends are (predictably) very different from one another, but thankfully they can be easily categorised into familiar weapon classes. We’ve organised this guide in the same way, so just click the links below to browse through the weapon type of your choice.

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Apex Legends weapons guide – frequently asked questions

Weapons and bullets in Apex Legends work a little differently from other battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite. I know lots of people are going to be asking the below questions, so I’ll just go through them quickly now:

  • Are any of the guns hitscan? – No.
    • Unlike Fortnite, there is no hitscan in Apex Legends. All bullets have a travel time, no matter what gun they’re fired from. So you do need to lead with your aiming for longer ranges.
  • Is there bullet drop? – Yes.
    • Fire some bullets into the distance with any gun and you’ll see that eventually they will drop. The bullet speed (and therefore the amount of drop) is variable between weapons.
  • Is there damage drop-off? – No.
    • An interesting find. Unlike Fortnite or PUBG, there’s no direct reduction in damage depending on how far a bullet travels. Even a shotgun pellet will hit for maximum damage over great distances; but of course, you’ll never hit a distant target with more than one pellet at a time.
  • Does each gun have a predictable spray pattern? – Yes.
    • Much like CS:GO, a large part of learning how to play well with each weapon in Apex Legends is learning the spray pattern of each gun. A good way to do this is to fire at a wall and see from the bullet holes the direction the gun pulls you in, and perform the opposite movement with your mouse to counteract the pattern while firing.

With the exception of sniper rifles, I’ve added screenshots of the spray patterns of every single gun in Apex Legends, which you can find by dragging the horizontal scroll bar on any of the tables below. Take a look!

Note: All stats below were found through my own testing of each weapon, with the exception of the projectile speed data, which was taken from RankedBoost.

Assault Rifles

Name Spray Pattern Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
VK-47 Flatline Heavy Rounds 20 2s (2.7s) 160 16 32 10 Mag, Optic, Stock Single, Auto 26000
Hemlok Burst AR Heavy Rounds 18 2.05s (2.85s) 108 18 (54 per burst) 36 (108 per burst) 15 (6 including downtime between bursts) Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Single, Burst 27500
R-301 Carbine Light Rounds 10 1.55s (2.35s) 140 14 28 10 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Single, Auto 29000
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The Flatline is what you might call the baseline Assault Rifle in terms of stats. With decent flat damage stats, a high clip size, and a fairly easy to control spray pattern, you can’t go too far wrong with the Flatline at any range.


The Hemlok Burst AR is – you guessed it – a burst weapon, firing 3 bullets in extremely quick succession, which means if you’re accurate with them you can deal over 100 damage in the space of about 0.2 seconds. For more reliable shots over long distances you may want to switch to single shot mode.


The R-301 Carbine trades a bit of the Flatline’s damage for a much faster tactical and full reload time, and a more manageable gun in general. Low recoil and a high bullet speed makes the Carbine an excellent choice for more spread-out firefights. Its downfall is the meagre clip size, which makes an extended mag a necessity for this weapon.


Name Spray Pattern Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
Alternator SMG Light Rounds 16 1.5s (2s) 130 13 19 10 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Auto 19500
R-99 Light Rounds 18 1.5s (2.1s) 200 12 18 16.67 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Auto 21000
Prowler Burst PDW Heavy Rounds 20 1.65s (2.5s) 122.78 14 (70 per burst) 21 (105 per burst) 20 (8.77 including downtime between bursts) Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Burst 18000


Slow-firing but packing decent damage for an SMG, the Alternator has high vertical but very little horizontal recoil, which, combined with its exceptionally quick reload time, makes it an easy and versatile weapon for newer players. Put an extended mag and a holo on it and you’re good to go.


The R-99 will outperform the Alternator at close-range due to its much higher fire rate, which ups the gun’s DPS be a considerable degree. However, at longer ranges the R-99’s high recoil will often let you down unless you have a lot of experience with this weapon.


This burst SMG falls a little short in my opinion. It packs a punch with every 5-shot burst, but you race through your ammo all the faster for it, and your overall fire rate and DPS suffers too. What’s more, there’s no single shot option without the Hop-Up attachment, so you’re mostly stuck with the burst mode. Despite its superior damage I’d take one of the other SMGs over the Prowler nine times out of ten.

Light Machine Guns

Name Spray Pattern Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
Devotion Energy Ammo 44 2.3s (3.15s) 226.67 17 34 13.33 (at max) Barrel, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Auto 33500
M600 Spitfire Heavy Rounds 35 2.3s (3s) 200 20 40 10 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Auto 27500


The Devotion balances out its stupendous fire rate and DPS by having a warm-up period after you start firing, where your rate of fire starts off slow and increases over the next couple of seconds until it reaches its max. This is a gun meant for offense and cover fire rather than quick shots and defence. If you’re lucky enough to attach a Hop-Up, it’ll reduce that wind-up time a little to make it a more responsive weapon.

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I’m a big fan of the Spitfire. Surprisingly accurate for an LMG, with good DPS and a much easier ride than the Devotion once you’ve mastered the spray pattern. This gun is often found in the hands of the top players in Apex Legends at the moment.

Sniper Rifles

Name Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
G7 Scout Light Rounds 10 2.1s (2.55s) 142.8 30 60 4.76 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Single 31500
Longbow DMR Heavy Rounds 5 2s (3.2s) 66 55 110 1.2 Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Single 30500
Triple Take Energy Ammo 5 2.25s (3s) 86.25 23 (69 per spread) 46 (132 per spread) 1.25 Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Single (3-shot spread) 32000
Kraber .50 CAL Unique 4 2.15s per bullet 58.75 125 250 0.47 None Single 29500

G7 Scout

The Scout is a sniper rifle for people who don’t like sniper rifles. Fast-firing and obviously very accurate, but the trick is that you need to land multiple shots in order to deal the same amount of damage that any of the other snipers can deal with a single bullet.


The Longbow is an excellent long-range choice opposite an SMG or Assault Rifle. Nearly twice the damage per shot of the Scout, and a fairly decent rate of fire (though nothing like as fast as the Scout) combines into an easy to use death-dealer. The icing on the cake? Adding a Hop-Up attachment gives the Longbow extra headshot damage. You’re welcome.

Triple Take

My friends and I sometimes call the Triple Take the “firework” for its very distinctive firing audio. This strange weapon could be described as a long-range shotgun; each pull of the trigger fires three shots in a packed triangle formation, making this a fantastic mid-range damage-dealer. Attach a Hop-Up to reduce the spread even further for even more damage potential over longer ranges.


One of two legendary weapons in Apex Legends, the Kraber takes no attachments, and sports its own unique ammo – meaning you only get 8 shots, full stop. But it’s a phenomenally powerful bolt-action sniper, capable of one-shotting a player in the head, and it sports a built-in 6x-10x scope for perfect accuracy over immense distances.


Name Spread Pattern Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Shells 8 2.45s (2.7s) 131.04 7 (63 per spread) 10 (90 per spread) 2.08 Mag, Optic Auto 16000
Peacekeeper Shotgun Shells 6 2.2s (3.25s) 91.3 10 (110 per spread) 15 (135 per spread) 0.83 Mag, Optic, Hop-Up Single 16000
Mozambique Shotgun Shotgun Shells 3 1.9s (2.45s) 99.9 15 (45 per spread) 22 (66 per spread) 2.22 Mag, Optic Auto 10000
Mastiff Shotgun Unique 4 1.15s per shot 191.52 18 (144 per spread) 36 (288 per spread) 1.33 None Single 12000

EVA-8 Auto

Probably the most forgiving shotgun in Apex Legends, a startlingly fast rate of fire is what sets the EVA-8 apart from the rest. Its damage per shot can’t compete with that of the Peacekeeper, but the EVA’s flexibility allows you to get in more shots than your opponent, often winning you the fight.

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The Peacekeeper fires 11 pellets in a star formation with each shot, allowing it to deal phenomenal damage up close. It’s also the slowest shotgun on the list, so the question is whether your twitch-aiming is good enough to hit your shots, or whether you’ll be danced around by an enemy with the more nimble EVA-8. You can also equip a Hop-Up to the Peacekeeper in order to reduce its spread.


This shotgun pistol may lack the power of its larger siblings, but it’s deadlier than you might think. The compact triangle formation of its 3-shot burst gives it a slightly longer effective range than the others, and its rate of fire exceeds even that of the EVA-8. An extended mag would be useful for the Mozambique, as its main drawback is its very low clip size.


The other legendary weapon in Apex Legends, the Mastiff comes with its own unique shotgun shells, meaning you will only ever get 20 shots with this colossal weapon. But it’s by far the most powerful of all the shotguns at close-range, dealing a whopping 36 damage with each of the eight bullets it fires with every pull of the trigger. That makes for a potential 288 damage in a single burst.


Name Spray Pattern Ammo Clip Size Reload Time (from empty) DPS Body DMG Head DMG Fire Rate (SPS) Att. Slots Modes Projectile Speed
P2020 Light Rounds 10 1s (1.1s) 120 12 18 10 Mag, Optic Single 18500
RE 45 Auto Light Rounds 15 1.45s (1.85s) 110 11 16 10 Barrel, Mag, Optic Auto 19500
Wingman Heavy Rounds 6 1.9s (2s) 149.85 45 90 3.33 Mag, Optic, Hop-Up Single 18000


The bogstandard pistol and probably the all-round weakest gun currently in Apex Legends, the P2020 is a useful early-game weapon but nothing more. It’s very quick though, and if – IF – you hit your shots, then you can still deal a lot of damage to an enemy at close or medium range.


The RE-45 trades a little damage and a little bit of reload time on the P2020 in order to be fully automatic, which means all you need to worry about is aiming the gun in the right direction. A larger clip size is always good as well. But be warned – the RE-45 features as much horizontal recoil as it does vertical. Take a look at the spray pattern above and learn to counter it in order to use this gun effectively.


The Wingman is to Apex Legends what the Hand Cannon is to Fortnite: punchy, powerful, and slow to fire. It’s a high skill-ceiling weapon, and is best used by someone who trusts their own precision and sharpshooting capabilities. If that person is you, you’ll be rewarded with 90 headshot damage per shot, which is more than enough to make your enemy pause for thought (that is, if they still have a brain after such a headshot).

That’s everything we currently have to offer on the myriad weapons available in Apex Legends. The best thing to do in order to get to grips with each weapon is practice in the game’s Training Mode, and learn to counter the spray patterns of each weapon in turn. I hope you gleaned some useful info from this guide, and check back soon for all the most up-to-date tips and stats!

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