‘Fortnite’ Season 7 End Date: Season 8 Is Just Around the Corner


Fortnite has been frozen for the past few months after the Ice King and Ice Queen turned the map into a giant winter wonderland. Season 7 has been full of ups and downs with stupidly powerful items like bi-planes dominating the meta and an Ice King event that brought the polar vortex to Tilted Towers. There was also a battle royale first- a concert featuring Marshmello brought in more than 10 million players to watch the DJ spin. Every season has to come to a close though, otherwise Epic Games can’t sell more Battle Passes. It looks like the Season 7 end date is almost here.

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When Does ‘Fortnite’ Season 7 End?

In the blog announcing the new Share the Love event, Epic Games confirmed that Season 8 will start right when the event ends on February 27. The blog post says it’s “right before the arrival of Season 8” which could mean that Season 7 ends on February 28 when the 8.0 patch drops but that’s still unconfirmed. Epic Games has been known to delay patches for bugs and minor tweaks, so the date could get pushed back.

If you are trying to complete your Battle Pass and get level 100, your best bet is to get it done by the end of February. Over the next few weeks, the Fortnite Twitter account will slowly start to leak out small pieces of skins in the Season 8 Battle Pass, giving players their first look at what the theme could be. They’ve done for the last three seasons, and fans speculated and theorized endlessly about the theme until the new season actually started.

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While waiting for the next season of Fortnite to begin, try having some fun with the Share the Love event. If you haven’t already put a support-a-creator code into your client, you’re missing out on a free Cuddle Hearts Wrap to put on your weapons.

What do you think the theme of Season 8 will be? Tell us in the comments.

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