‘Fortnite’ Creative Map Codes: Best Maze, Music & Escape Room in February 2019


Fortnite Creative continues to grow in interesting ways, and we’ve got six awesome codes to prove it. Here are some music maps, mazes, puzzles and more that captivated players in February.

1) Escape Maze 2.0 [4271-2914-0800] : Creative user Pickles made the first Escape Maze at the start of the year, but this is a brand-new version of it that fixes a bunch of bugs and exploits in the previous build. True to its name, this is a massive maze or puzzle room designed for solo play. There isn’t much here in terms of harmful obstacles, but it remains a real test of brute force intelligence.

Fortnite Escape Maze 2The Escape Maze is a basic test of pure knowledge. Epic Games/Truths @ YouTube

This is a great code to use if you want to stream some rage or just want to sit on the couch and solve it with a group of friends. We still can’t find our way out, but maybe you can.

2) Dungeon Prison (Puzzle) [5970-3385-0426] : Wertandrew has quickly become one of the most prolific map makers in Fortnite Creative, and this particular project got lots of attention from high-profile streamers at the start of the month. This is somewhat similar to the Escape Maze above, only with a little more nuance in its design.

Fortnite Dungeon PrisonThis prison break is best experienced with a good friend. Epic Games/Lachlan @ YouTube

Rather than just walking from room to room, this prison-themed effort combines several Fortnite Creative trends in one. Some parts of the journey require basic puzzle solving, but there are parkour elements built in as well. Especially if you head into the cell with a buddy, this map can be a real joy to figure out.

3) “Alone” [9887-5504-3095] : In February specifically, one of the coolest additions to Fortnite’s Creative suite are music blocks. Much like we’ve seen in similar environments like Minecraft and Super Mario Maker, these allow users to arrange songs that players listen to by walking on a series of blocks.

Many of the most detailed music map codes haven’t been officially published yet, but here’s a good example of what’s to come courtesy of JesGran. It’s a full remake of “Alone” by Marshmello. If you missed the party in Pleasant Park from last week, this is one way to rekindle that spirit. We can’t wait to see what other songs talented creators make next.

4) The Enrichment Center [7332-3216-8433] : This is a deathrun course from notnellaf that’s heavily inspired by the puzzles featured in Valve’s Portal series. Right from the beginning, players meet in an empty space and proceed to the level select area. Inside a series of doors are several difficult puzzles to solve. You can skip around if need be, but the most skilled players accomplish them in order.

Fortnite Enrichment CenterThe Enrichment Center is a great map for ‘Portal’ fans. Epic Games/Wizzite @ YouTube

Most of these levels are parkour based and take full advantage of bounce pads and spikes. There are lots of Portal-esque map codes out there, but this is one of our favorite puzzle maps to date.

5) Mercy Hospital [9388-9962-3863] : Fortnite Creative’s hide-and-seek trend has cooled off a bit, but this gigantic map from kingkillatsu is well worth the representation. Grab a group of friends and conceal yourself in this massive hospital area with multiple buildings and dozens of secret rooms. Hide in plain sight in the atrium or blend into the parking garage. If you’re a little bored of endless puzzle solving, this one’s for you.

Fortnite Mercy HospitalMercy Hospital is a massive hide-and-seek Creative map. Epic Games/NOGAMEdoesPC @ YouTube

6) Fortnite Dropper v1.6 [5818-4876-6080] : Parkour is still a big focus of the Creative scene, and this last map keeps the tradition alive. From user Henwy, this is a 10-level drop puzzle full of deadly objects, bounce pads and even a few Challenge Coins to collect.

Fortnite dropper mapDrop into tight spaces and collect Challenge Coins. Epic Games/Kenworth @ YouTube

To finish this one you need to fall into some pretty tight spaces using the very latest features. When it comes to showing just how much the Creative suite has evolved in February, this is a really solid pick.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

What are your favorite Fortnite Creative codes for the month of February? Have you made any cool music or puzzles yourself? Share your codes in the comments section!

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