'Fortnite' Launch Pad Bug Lets Players Destroy Everything


Fortnite players have discovered a new bug involving Launch Pads and Ziplines that turns a player into a human battering ram able to crash through structures.

If you played Fortnite back when the Infinity Blade was temporarily a standard item that wreaked havoc on players and their builds, you’ll have an idea of what this Launch Pad bug does to characters who reproduce it. Instead of having to wield a blade though, the Reddit user who shared the video below was able to run straight through structures. Starting with a fence and making their way through a cabin, the player could tear down pretty much anything in their path after jumping off a Launch Pad and going straight through a Zipline.

New jump pad bug. Whith this bug you can break everything in your way. from r/FortNiteBR

The magnet element of the Zipline that keeps players connected to the mobility tool stays on the character model’s head even after they’ve been launched above the Zipline, so it appears that the game thinks a player who launches into the Zipline is still attached to it. The blue, Ultra Instinct-like effect only applies to the character until the Zipline attachment vanishes from the player’s head though, so the game perhaps thinks that a player’s Zipline ride is over after a certain time and removes the effect.

Commenting within the thread, the player who posted the original video said the bug can only be reproduced if a player presses the button prompt to interact with the Zipline as soon as they encounter it. Because of how fast players jump off the Launch Pad, it might be difficult to trigger it, but it’s not like someone can’t hop back on the Launch Pad and try again if they miss it the first time.

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It’s unclear whether the Zipline bug is brand new as of the Season 8 update or if it just took players a while to find it, but it’s unlikely it’ll stick around for much longer now that it’s been publicized. There’s a chance it could be resolved in the game’s next update now that the downtime for that release has been announced.

Fortnite-related rumors of an Xbox One console branded with custom graphics from the battle royale game have also surfaced recently, though those remain unverified until Microsoft announces such a product.

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