All Unreleased Fortnite Leaked Skins, Pickaxes, Back Blings, Gliders & Emotes


Here are all of the unreleased leaked Fortnite skins, Pickaxes, Back Blings, Gliders & Emotes.

Fortnite Season 8 was released on Thursday, 28th February, and the files included new skins, pickaxes, gliders and emotes. The majority of the cosmetics that were found were for the Season 8 Battle Pass however, some of them will be cosmetics coming to the Fortnite Item shop.

Here are all of the leaked cosmetics that will be coming to the shop in the near future, including cosmetics leaked prior to the v8.00 update:

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Fortnite Upcoming Leaked Skins

IKONIK Skin (Epic Outfit) – Define the moment.

Ikonik Skin FortniteIkonik Skin Fortnite

Bandolette Skin (Rare Outfit) – Unrivaled ambush predator of the jungle.

Bandolette Fortnite SkinBandolette Fortnite Skin

Carbon Commando Skin (Rare Outfit) – Redefining state of the art.

Carbon Commando SkinCarbon Commando Skin

Mezmer Skin (Rare Outfit) – All eyes are on you.

Mezmer Fortnite SkinMezmer Fortnite Skin

Sunbird Skin (Rare Outfit) – Fly in light, and eclipse the sun.

Sunbird Fortnite skinSunbird Fortnite skin

Hayseed Skin (Uncommon Outfit) – Roll up your sleeves and battle the field.

Hayseed Fortnite SkinHayseed Fortnite Skin

Sunflower Skin (Uncommon Outfit) – Certified organic.

Sunflower Fortnite SkinSunflower Fortnite Skin

Munitions Major Skin (Uncommon Outfit) – Fire in the hole!

Munitions Major Uncommon SkinMunitions Major Uncommon Skin

Fortnite Upcoming Leaked Pickaxes

Gold Digger Pickaxe (Rare Pickaxe) – The gold standard.

Gold Digger Fortnite PickaxeGold Digger Fortnite Pickaxe

Longhorn Pickaxe (Rare Pickaxe) – Corral the competition.

Longhorn Fortnite Leaked pickaxeLonghorn Fortnite Leaked pickaxe

Uni-horn Pickaxe (Rare Pickaxe) – Take the competition by the horn.

Uni-horn Fortnite PickaxeUni-horn Fortnite Pickaxe

Axetec Pickaxe (Uncommon Pickaxe) – Axe of the ancients.

Axetec PickaxeAxetec Pickaxe

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Machete Pickaxe (Uncommon Pickaxe) – Cut through the jungle.

Machete PickaxeMachete Pickaxe

Fortnite Upcoming Leaked Back Blings

Sun Wings Back Bling (Epic Back Bling) – Solar powered.

Sun Wings (Epic Back Bling)Sun Wings (Epic Back Bling)

Carbon Pack Back Bling (Rare Back Bling) – Lightweight and combat ready.

Carbon Pack (Rare Back Bling)Carbon Pack (Rare Back Bling)

Hypnotic Back Bling (Rare Back Bling) – Look into my eyes…

Hypnotic (Rare Back Bling)Hypnotic (Rare Back Bling)

Haystacks Back Bling (Uncommon Back Bling) – Characteristically unfriendly to birds.

Haystacks (Uncommon Back Bling)Haystacks (Uncommon Back Bling)

Sun Sprout Back Bling (Uncommon Back Bling) – Perfectly sunny.

Sun Sprout (Uncommon Back Bling)Sun Sprout (Uncommon Back Bling)

Fortnite Upcoming Leaked Gliders

Choppa Glider (Epic Glider) – Calling in air support.

Choppa (Epic Glider)Choppa (Epic Glider)

Sunrise Glider (Rare Glider) – Rise up.

Sunrise (Rare Glider)Sunrise (Rare Glider)

Helium Glider (Uncommon Glider) – Lighter than air.

Helium (Uncommon Glider)Helium (Uncommon Glider)

Rush Glider (Uncommon Glider) – It’s a rush!

Rush (Uncommon Glider)Rush (Uncommon Glider)

Steadfast Glider (Uncommon Glider) – Battle-tested.

Steadfast (Uncommon Glider)Steadfast (Uncommon Glider)

Fortnite Upcoming Leaked Emotes

Scenario Emote (Rare Emote) – Make it happen.

Scenario (Rare Emote)Scenario (Rare Emote)

Shadow Boxer Emote (Uncommon Emote) – Stick and move.

Shadow Boxer (Uncommon Emote)Shadow Boxer (Uncommon Emote)

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