Team SoloMid Drops ‘Fortnite’ Player Cowboy After Accusations Emerge of Flirting with Underage Girl


Fortnite player Noah “Cowboy” Cmiel has just been released by pro esports organization Team SoloMid after accusations have emerged online claiming that he was messaging underage girls. On March 2, Twitch streamer Faith went on a long alcohol-fueled rant about pro Fortnite players and YouTubers, claiming a popular streamer with 4.9 million subscribers (that her followers felt might be FaZe Tfue)  tried to message her.

tsm cowboy dropped faith twitch streamerFaith in the clip “exposing” Cowboy Twitch

Later on in the stream, Faith claimed that she was contacted by an anonymous 16-year-old girl who was sent messages by Cmiel that she found “inappropriate.” The anonymous account claims that Cmiel messaged her his Discord username and said “looking good (winky face emoji).” “Imagine messaging a 16-year-old girl when you are married and saying ‘looking good, winky face’” Faith said. “Imagine you are in TSM and messaged a girl that.”

Since the stream went live, Cmiel has deleted his Discord and deactivated his Twitter account. Faith has removed the clips and VODs from her channel and  issued claims against videos that appear elsewhere on YouTube. TSM has just announced on Twitter that Cmiel is “no longer affiliated with the team.”

In the chat of his Twitch channel, Cmiel adamantly denied the claims writing “don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” He claims that he is not married and that he has hired a lawyer to discuss further legal action. “I am not a pedophile,” he wrote.

Newsweek has tried messaging Faith through her Discord and TSM through their website and will update if they respond.

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