The New Style for the Waypoint Fortnite Skin is now available


The new style for the waypoint Fortnite skin is available after the v8.01 update.

When the v8.00 Fortnite update was live, players noticed that the Waypoint skin had a new unlockable style but wasn’t yet available. The new style removes the mask from the skin, and the style is now available in the v8.01 update.

Waypoint (Rare) - Make your moveWaypoint (Rare) – Make your move

Players have been requesting that skins with a helmet or a mask should have a style that removes it completely, with the most requested skin being the Elite Agent. It’s possible Epic Games might start adding new styles for masked skins from time to time, although it’s unlikely the Elite Agent will have a new style as it’s not a purchasable skin like Waypoint.

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Waypoint Fortnite Skin New StyleWaypoint Fortnite Skin New Style

Players don’t need to do anything in order to unlock the new style, it’s unlocked as long as you have the skin.

The Waypoint skin was first made available in the Item Shop on December 8th, 2018. The most recent shop occurence was 15 days ago on February 19th. It’s possible the new style will give Epic a reason to rotate the skin back into the shop in the near future.

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