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When it comes to dealing death in Apex Legends, your guns are only as good as the attachments you add to them. Like PUBG there are a great many different attachments to be found each match, and like Fortnite what you find is broken down into different colours and quality levels. It can be a lot to wrap your head around, but fear not – our Apex Legends attachments guide will walk you through every single attachment in Apex Legends, with descriptions of each and lists of guns to which you can attach them. From Digital Threats to Gold Barrels, from Precision Chokes to Skullpiercers, we’ve got you covered.

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You can peruse all our guides on Apex Legends by heading over to our Apex Legends tips/guide hub. There we explain the game in no fewer than 100 tips ranging from beginner to expert, and link to all our other guides for info on everything from the best (Apex Legends map and locations) to how to hit the ground before anyone else at the start of a match (Apex Legends landing). So why not take a look?

Attachments can be found anywhere that guns or any other kind of gear can be found. You might find one lying on the floor of a building, or inside one of the many supply bins dotted about the map, or even inside one of the game’s rare and highly sought-after Supply Drops.

You can hover over such an attachment and the UI will let you know whether the attachment can be fitted to either of your currently equipped guns. If you pick up an attachment which could fit onto your weapon, it will do so automatically. Likewise, if you swap or pick up a new weapon, it will automatically attach anything viable from your inventory or the swapped out weapon to your new gun.

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Many of the attachments in Apex Legends have several variants, each of which differ in colour and quality. White attachments are the least valuable, superceded by blue attachments, then purple, and finally gold. As with games such as Fortnite, there’s never any reason to not to upgrade an attachment to an identical attachment of higher quality.

Certain attachments, such as the Turbocharger Hop Up and the Digital Threat scopes, are only ever found in gold colours. Certain others such as magazines and stocks do have golden equivalents, but these are only found as part of a “fully-kitted” gold weapon (the kind usually – but not exclusively – found in the Hot Zone of each match) and are identical in function and stats to their purple equivalents. The only exception to this is the Gold Barrel Stabiliser, which provides even greater recoil reduction than purple, and reduces the flash on your gun.

All the attachments in Apex Legends are broken up into five different categories, and you can only fit an attachment on a gun if that gun has the correct type of attachment slot available. For more information on the different attachment slots that each weapon has, take a look at our detailed Apex Legends guns/weapons guide. All attachment types have different benefits, but as a general guideline this is our order of most valuable, from highest to lowest (though they’re all still useful):

  • Hop Up
  • Mag/Barrel
  • Optic (higher priority for snipers)
  • Stock

Now, let’s take a look at each of the attachments and what they can do for your weaponry and killing potential.

Hop Up Attachments

Hop Ups are special attachments which are only accommodated by a select few weapons. Each individual Hop Up has a specific gun or small selection of guns to which it can be applied, so you can’t fit any Hop Up into any Hop Up attachment slot; it has to be the right weapon for that specific Hop Up. But they often grant an excellent benefit for their weapon of choice, and as such they are rare finds available only in purple or gold colours.

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Name Attaches To Variant(s) Effect(s)
Precision Choke Peacekeeper, Triple Take Purple Hold ADS for a tighter spread over time.
Selectfire Receiver Prowler, Havoc Purple Enables full-auto firing mode.
Skullpiercer Rifling Longbow, Wingman Purple Increases headshot damage.
Turbocharger Devotion, Havoc Gold Reduces/Removes spin-up time.

Optic Attachments (Sights & Scopes)

Optics attachments cover all kinds of sights and scopes, from 1x sights for SMGs and Shotguns to 6x and 4-10x for Sniper Rifles. Each of these do not come in multiple quality variants, instead having one fixed colour.

The gold scopes are unique in that they provide Threat Highlighting, which highlights enemies in red, allowing you to see them more clearly through smoke or from a distance.

Name Attaches To Variant(s) Effect(s)
1x Holo All Weapons White Close-range sight.
1x Digital Threat Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols Gold Close-range sight with threat detection.
1x-2x Variable Holo All Weapons Blue Close-range variable sight.
1x Hcog ‘Classic’ All Weapons White Close-range sight.
2x Hcog ‘Bruiser’ All Weapons Blue Close-range sight.
3x Hcog ‘Ranger’ Snipers, LMGs, ARs, SMGs Purple Mid-range sight.
2x-4x Variable Aog Snipers, LMGs, ARs, SMGs Purple Mid-range variable sight.
6x Sniper Snipers Blue Long-range sight.
4x-8x Variable Sniper Snipers Purple Long-range variable sight.
4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat Snipers Gold Long-range variable sight with threat detection.

Mag Attachments (Extended Magazines & Shotgun Bolts)

The primary benefit of most Mag attachments in Apex Legends is to increase your magazine size so you can fire more bullets before having to reload. But some offer an improvement to fire rate or reload time in addition or instead.

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Name Attaches To Variant(s) Effect(s)
Extended Light Mag All Light Weapons White, Blue, Purple, Gold Increases ammo capacity (Blue onwards: reduces reload time).
Extended Heavy Mag All Heavy Weapons White, Blue, Purple, Gold Increases ammo capacity (Blue onwards: reduces reload time).
Shotgun Bolt Shotguns White, Blue, Purple, Gold Increases fire rate.

Barrel Attachments

Barrel attachments are purely for reducing recoil on your weapons, and thus are best suited for fast-firing, high-recoil guns such as LMGs, SMGs, and Assault Rifles. The Barrel Stabiliser is also the only non-Hop-Up, non-Optic attachment with a gold variant that differs in function from purple, and the only such gold attachment that can be found on its own rather than as a package deal in one of the “fully-kitted” gold weapons.

Name Attaches To Variant(s) Effect(s)
Barrel Stabilizer LMGs, RE 45, G7 Scout, Longbow, Alternator, R-99, Hemlok, R-301 Carbine White, Blue, Purple, Gold Reduces recoil (Gold: reduces weapon flash).

Stock Attachments

Stock attachments reduce the draw time of your weapon, and also helps to reduce the amount of aim drift you receive while aiming down sights – that is, the way your aim will automatically sway on its own in order to make hitting your target more challenging.

Name Attaches To Variant(s) Effect(s)
Standard Stock LMGs, SMGs, ARs White, Blue, Purple, Gold Decreases draw time and reduces aim drift.
Sniper Stock Snipers White, Blue, Purple, Gold Decreases draw time and reduces aim drift.

And there you have it! You’ve just been through every attachment it is possible to find in Apex Legends. Keep referring back to this page for all the most up-to-date info on the myriad attachments in this massive battle royale hit. Until then, see you on the battlefield.

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