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Are the Wingman and Peacekeeper still at the top of the ladder?

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Each new match in Apex Legends fills up its map with a massive variety of guns and attachments to choose from. With 20 guns currently on offer (soon to be more!), each with their own unique stats, spray patterns, quirks, and attachments, there’s a lot to learn – hence our Apex Legends guns/weapons guide, which will teach you about each weapon in turn, with stats, opinions, comparisons, and strategies so you can annihilate your enemies no matter what gun the game hands you. From the Prowler to the Mozambique, we’ve got something for you.

If you’re looking for more general tips and tricks on how to improve your Apex Legends skills heading into Season 1, our Apex Legends tips/guide is the best place to start. We’ve got top tips for every level of play, along with links to other areas of our ever-expanding guides series, from tips on playing as each of the Apex Legends characters to our Apex Legends reviving and respawning guide.

All the guns in Apex Legends are (predictably) very different from one another, but they can be easily categorised into familiar weapon classes, such as Assault Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, and more. Click any of the links below to skip to the weapon type of your choice.

Guide Contents

Apex Legends weapons list (full stats, TTK, tips and strategies)

If you’re more interested in getting into the nitty-gritty for a specific weapon such as the Wingman, or the Peacekeeper (or perhaps the not-yet-released L-Star EMG?) then just click on any of the links below to head over to our individual weapon guides. These pages go into much more detail about individual stats for each weapon, from damage per second (DPS) and fire rate to the time-to-kill (TTK) against enemies wearing different levels of armour and helmets.

Apex Legends weapons guide – frequently asked questions

Weapons and bullets in Apex Legends work a little differently from other battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite. I know lots of people are going to be asking the below questions, so I’ll just go through them quickly now:

  • Are any of the guns hitscan? – Just the one.
    • Unlike Fortnite, there is generally no hitscan in Apex Legends. All bullets have a travel time, no matter what gun they’re fired from. So you do need to lead with your aiming for longer ranges. The only exception is the new Havoc Assault Rifle, whose single-shot beam is hitscan.
  • Is there bullet drop? – Yes.
    • Fire some bullets into the distance with any gun and you’ll see that eventually they will drop. The bullet speed (and therefore the amount of drop) is variable between weapons.
  • Is there damage drop-off? – …Not in the traditional sense, no. Except in one case.
    • An interesting find. Unlike Fortnite or PUBG, there’s no direct reduction in damage depending on how far a bullet travels. Even a shotgun pellet will hit for maximum damage over great distances; but of course, you’ll never hit a distant target with more than one pellet at a time. However, there is a maximum point (which differs for each gun) after which headshots no longer deal bonus headshot damage, and are treated just like a shot to the body.
      The Havoc’s single-shot beam is, again, the only exception to this rule, with the beam dealing less damage the further it has to travel.
  • Does each gun have a predictable spray pattern? – Yes.
    • Much like CS:GO, a large part of learning how to play well with each weapon in Apex Legends is learning the spray pattern of each gun. A good way to do this is to fire at a wall and see from the bullet holes the direction the gun pulls you in, and perform the opposite movement with your mouse to counteract the pattern while firing.
  • Is there aim drift? – Yes.
    • Aim down sights with any gun in Apex Legends, and after a moment your aim will start to sway and shift around automatically, making it more challenging to land your shots over longer distances. There is a brief moment of stillness the moment you first aim down sights (the duration of this “no aim drift window” varies from weapon to weapon) so it’s all to encourage quick aiming and shooting, and faster-paced gunplay in general. Fortunately for many, you can equip Stock attachments to many of Apex Legends’ guns, which will minimize the aim drift you experience. For more information on this, check out our detailed Apex Legends attachments guide.
  • Do different guns reduce movement in different ways? – Yes.
    • No matter what gun you’re holding you’ll always move and run at the same speed without aiming down sights. But while aiming down sights, your movement speed is reduced by a specific amount depending on the gun you’re using. See the tables below for more details on this.

In the tables below you’ll see I’ve added links to screenshots of the spray patterns of each gun. Take a look!

Apex Legends weapon tier list chart – best guns to worst guns

Below I’ve created a handy chart of our rankings of every gun in Apex Legends, sorted by weapon class. If you’re struggling to get to grips with which weapons to take over which others, I’d recommend keeping this chart on a second monitor or printing it out, and refer back to it whenever you need.

Bear in mind that this is based on un-upgraded guns bereft of attachments, and Hop-Up guns in particular, such as the Prowler and the Havoc, can get pretty stonking amazing with a nice array of attachments – so take this chart for what it is (a guide) and make your own decisions from there.

Click on the above image to view it at highest resolution.

Now, let’s get stuck into how we came about these rankings, by taking an in-depth look at every weapon’s stats and behaviours in turn. Click on any of the guns’ names to be directed to our dedicated guide for that weapon (yes, we have one for every gun; no, I do not have a life).

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Assault Rifles (including Havoc)

Name Havoc VK-47 Flatline Hemlok Burst AR R-301 Carbine
Spray Pattern
Ammo Energy Ammo Heavy Rounds Heavy Rounds Light Rounds
Mag Size 25 20 18 18
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 3.20s/3.20s 2.40s/3.10s 2.40s/2.80s 2.40s/3.20s
DPS 201.6 160 108 189
Body/Head/Leg DMG 18/36/13.5 16/32/12 18/36/13.5
(Per Burst: 54/108/40.5)
Fire Rate (SPS) 11.2 (1.7 in single-shot mode) 10 15 (6 including downtime between bursts) 13.5
Att. Slots Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock
Modes Auto, Single (with Hop-Up) Single, Auto Single, Burst (3-shot) Single, Auto
Projectile Speed 30500 26000 27500 29000
Draw Time 0.60s 0.60s 0.60s 0.60s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
50% 50% 50% 50%


The first gun to be added to Apex Legends after its release, the Havoc is a tricky gun to make up your mind about. Like the Prowler SMG, it’s made or broken by whether it has a Hop-Up; but in the Havoc’s case you can choose either the Turbocharger, which eliminates the wind-up time before it starts firing in full-auto, or the Selectfire Receiver, which allows you to charge up single-shot hitscan laser shots (which makes the Havoc the only hitscan gun currently in Apex Legends). Bear in mind, however, that you can’t attach both Hop-Ups at once, so you have to choose.

Hint: use the Turbocharger, always.

The single-shot mode I find doesn’t deal enough damage per shot to justify spending 5 Energy ammo per shot. And while the fact that it is hitscan might trick you into thinking it’s easier to land shots, it’s actually more challenging due to the charge-up time between pulling the trigger and the gun actually firing.

But in full-auto, it’s a fast-firing AR that deals whopping damage once it gets going, and the recoil pattern is much like the Spitfire’s, beginning with high vertical recoil but with the last 10 or so shots having more or less none at all. The big downside is the wind-up time before it starts shooting, which makes the Turbocharger a real necessity. With the Turbocharger, it dishes out the highest DPS of any Assault Rifle, but with high initial recoil that you can’t mitigate with a Barrel Stabiliser attachment.

VK-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline is what you might call the baseline Assault Rifle in terms of stats. With decent flat damage stats, a high clip size, and a fairly easy to control spray pattern, you can’t go too far wrong with the Flatline at any range, particularly once you’ve kitted it out with decent attachments. Unfortunately in the eyes of many it’s left in the dust by the R-301 Carbine, but it’s still a weapon worthy of caution.


The Hemlok Burst AR is – you guessed it – a burst weapon, firing 3 bullets in extremely quick succession, which means if you’re accurate with them you can deal over 100 damage in the space of about 0.2 seconds. Many players prefer to use the single-shot mode of the Hemlok and click rapidly to deliver an even higher rate of fire over time. Either way this punchy rifle has the ability to rip apart your enemies with the its very high damage-per-shot, which equals the Havoc and exceeds that of any other automatic weapon in Apex Legends besides the Spitfire.

Still, players will usually give up the Hemlok for a good ol’ Carbine.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is the best AR on offer at the moment (or at least on par with a Turbocharged Havoc), trading a bit of damage for a faster rate of fire and an easier ride in general. Low recoil and a high bullet speed makes the Carbine excellent at most ranges (it can even be used to great effect at long range if you switch to single-shot mode) and with a good extended mag, barrel, and stock, it’s like there’s no recoil at all on this beautiful bastard of a gun.


Name Alternator SMG R-99 Prowler Burst PDW
Spray Pattern
Ammo Light Rounds Light Rounds Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 16 18 20
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 1.90s/2.23s 1.80s/2.45s 2.00s/2.60s
DPS 130 216 122.78
Body/Head/Leg DMG 13/19/10.4 12/18/9.6 14/21/11.2
Fire Rate (SPS) 10 18 20 (8.77 including downtime between bursts)
Att. Slots Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up
Modes Auto Auto Burst (5-shot)
Projectile Speed 19500 21000 18000
Draw Time 0.35s 0.35s 0.35s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
86% 86% 86%


Slow-firing but packing decent damage for an SMG, the Alternator has high vertical but very little horizontal recoil, which, combined with its exceptionally quick reload time, makes it an easy and versatile weapon for newer players. Put an extended mag and a holo on it and you’re good to go, but don’t expect it to out-DPS a good Assault Rifle or LMG.


The R-99 will outperform the Alternator at close-range due to its much higher fire rate, which ups the gun’s DPS by a considerable degree. And this trait alone is what makes it the currently most sought-after baseline SMG in Apex Legends. However, you really need the accompanying attachments to make this gun sing in your hands. It has high recoil, making a good Barrel Stabiliser a must-have item; and, possibly even more important, you’ll race through all your ammo in exactly one second, which means you need an Extended Mag on the R-99 as soon as possible to make full use of it. With these two attachments, the R-99 turns into one of the strongest weapons on offer in Apex Legends.

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This punchy burst SMG is… alright… until you manage to get your hands on an accompanying Selectfire Receiver Hop-Up attachment, after which it becomes one of Apex Legends’ most powerful weapons. Without this, it packs a punch with every 5-shot burst especially if you aim for the head/neck area, but you race through your ammo all the faster for it, and the overall reliability of the gun falls short compared to an R-99.

But if you manage to find the Hop-Up, then the Prowler will absolutely shred at close and even medium range, and is by far the best SMG you can hope to lay your hands on – particularly if you get a good extended mag on it too. Occasionally I find it’s worth taking a Hop-Up-less Prowler even over a good R-99, simply because if I can find a Selectfire Receiver and Heavy Mag later on, I’ll have a good contender for deadliest gun in the game.

Light Machine Guns

Name Devotion M600 Spitfire
Spray Pattern
Ammo Energy Ammo Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 44 35
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 2.80s/3.63s 2.80s/3.33s
DPS 255 180
Body/Head/Leg DMG 17/34/12.75 20/40/16
Fire Rate (SPS) 15 (at max) 9
Att. Slots Barrel, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock
Modes Auto (Wind-Up) Auto
Projectile Speed 33500 27500
Draw Time 0.70s 0.70s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
41% 41%


The Devotion always holds a place near the top of many players’ rankings of all the guns in Apex Legends, due to its stupendous fire rate and DPS. However, you really need the Turbocharger Hop-Up attachment to make it shine, which reduces the gun’s sizeable warm-up period after you start firing. Without it, the Devotion is not a gun to rely on when you’re defending against close-range attackers, because by the time you switch and get the fire rate up to a decent standard, you’ll likely already be dead.

Another downside is that it eats through your Energy Ammo, which is often in short supply anyway unless you’re very lucky with your looting and killing. So if you take it, make sure you communicate with your teammates to give you as much Energy Ammo as possible.

M600 Spitfire

I’m a huge fan of the Spitfire, and would take it every time over even a Turbocharged Devotion. Surprisingly accurate for an LMG, with a fantastic 20 damage per shot and a huge mag size that can be upgraded all the way up to a stupendous 60 shots. This means you only need a sixth of your shots to hit (bodyshot) to kill a 200-health player.

What’s more, you can equip a Barrel Stabiliser to reduce the recoil of the gun and turn it into a veritable Carbine in terms of reliability. This LMG is right up there with the Wingman, the Peacekeeper, the R-99 and the R-301 Carbine as my personal favourite weapons in Apex Legends.

L-Star EMG

Wait, what’s this? A third LMG?!

Yes, the L-Star has not yet been introduced into Apex Legends. I’m including it here because we do have some leaked information on this weapon that will undoubtedly be coming soon to Apex – perhaps even within the next week or so, considering Respawn’s roadmap for Apex Legends mentioned new weapons coming in March… Click on the L-Star subheader above to view the full stats for this upcoming beast of a gun.

Judging from the stats, the L-Star EMG looks like an extremely formidable weapon, with a DPS comparable to the Devotion, a higher base damage and fire rate than the Spitfire, and the largest mag size of any weapon so far. There’s bound to be some sort of colossal downside to this gun, like an overheating mechanic or something. But until the L-Star is released or further details are leaked, we’ll just have to content ourselves with stats and speculation.

Sniper Rifles

Name G7 Scout Longbow DMR Triple Take Kraber .50 CAL
Ammo Light Rounds Heavy Rounds Energy Ammo Unique
Mag Size 10 5 5 4
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 2.40s/3.00s 2.66s/3.66s 2.60s/3.40s 3.20s/4.30s
DPS 135 66 86.25 150
Body/Head/Leg DMG 30/60/21.75 55/110/39.875 23/46/16.675
Fire Rate (SPS) 4.5 1.2 1.25 1.2
Att. Slots Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Optic, Stock, Hop-Up None
Modes Single Single Single (3-shot spread) Single
Projectile Speed 31500 30500 32000 29500
Draw Time 0.60s 0.90s 0.90s 1.20s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
36% 36% 36% 36%

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is an excellent and surprisingly versatile sniper rifle, able to perform well at long, medium and even close ranges. It deals less damage than its fellow snipers, but has a much higher rate of fire and benefits much more from extended mag attachments, so pre-firing with this weapon is very easy. The trick, of course, is that you have to land multiple shots with it in order to deal the same damage that a Longbow, Triple Take, and Kraber can all deal with one shot.

Longbow DMR

The Longbow DMR is an excellent long-range choice opposite an SMG or Assault Rifle. Nearly twice the damage per shot of the Scout, and a fairly decent rate of fire (though nothing like as fast as the Scout) combines into an easy to use death-dealer. The icing on the cake? Adding a Hop-Up attachment gives the Longbow extra headshot damage. It’s probably the best long-range gun in the game, minus the Kraber.

Triple Take

The Triple Take is a strange one, for sure. As a sniper rifle alone, there are better choices. Though it deals good strong damage with its three-shot spread, the shots do spread out somewhat over longer distances, making it harder to deal significant damage than if you had, for example, a Longbow, or even the fast-firing Scout. Curiously, where the Triple Take shines is in its versatility in effective range. Like the Scout, it can be used effectively at close range while hip-firing, making for a two-in-one shotgun/sniper gun.

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Kraber .50-CAL

One of two legendary weapons in Apex Legends, the Kraber takes no attachments, and sports its own unique ammo – meaning you only get 8 shots, full stop. But it’s a phenomenally powerful bolt-action sniper, capable of dealing 250 headshot damage in a single shot, and it sports a built-in 6x-10x scope for perfect accuracy over immense distances.


Name EVA-8 Auto Peacekeeper Mozambique Shotgun Mastiff Shotgun
Spread Pattern
Ammo Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells Unique
Mag Size 8 6 3 4
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 2.75s/3.00s 2.50s/3.50s 2.10s/2.60s 1.03s/1.70s
DPS 126 106.7 99 187.2
Body/Head/Leg DMG 7/10/5.6
Fire Rate (SPS) 2 0.97 2.2 1.3
Att. Slots Mag, Barrel Mag, Optic, Hop-Up Mag, Barrel None
Modes Auto Single Auto Single
Projectile Speed 16000 16000 10000 12000
Draw Time 0.45s 0.45s 0.45s 0.45s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
91% 91% 100% 91%

EVA-8 Auto

Probably the most forgiving shotgun in Apex Legends, a startlingly fast rate of fire is what sets the EVA-8 Auto apart from the rest. Its damage per shot can’t compete with that of the Peacekeeper, but the EVA’s flexibility allows you to get in more shots than your opponent, often winning you the fight.


The Peacekeeper has always been the best Shotgun in Apex Legends, with the exception of the Supply Drop-only Mastiff. Fantastic damage in a large spread pattern, a Hop Up which dramatically increases its effective range, amazingly ammo-efficient… It’s no wonder the devs nerfed it with the 07 March patch notes (read all about the balance changes on our Apex Legends update page), increasing its overall rarity across the map, and nerfing the fire rate increase provided by its Shotgun Bolt attachment. But even so, this is for sure the most powerful Shotgun you can get your hands on outside of the Gold tier of guns.


The laughing stock of the Apex Legends weapons roster, this shotgun pistol has even been acknowledged by the devs at Respawn as being underpowered. Still, in the early game it’s capable of killing you, so don’t be too quick to laugh. The compact triangle formation of its 3-shot burst gives it a slightly longer effective range than the others, and its rate of fire exceeds even that of the EVA-8. But still. It’s pretty awful.


The other legendary weapon in Apex Legends, the Mastiff comes with its own unique shotgun shells, meaning you will only ever get 20 shots with this colossal weapon. But it’s by far the most powerful of all the shotguns at close-range, dealing a whopping 36 damage with each of the eight bullets it fires with every pull of the trigger. That makes for a potential 288 damage in a single burst.


Name P2020 RE 45 Auto Wingman
Spray Pattern
Ammo Light Rounds Light Rounds Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 10 15 6
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 1.25s/1.25s 1.74s/2.12s 2.10s/2.10s
DPS 102 143 117
Body/Head/Leg DMG 12/18/10.8 11/16/9.9 45/90/40.5
Fire Rate (SPS) 8.5 13 2.6
Att. Slots Mag, Optic Barrel, Mag, Optic Mag, Optic, Hop-Up
Modes Single Auto Single
Projectile Speed 18500 19500 18000
Draw Time 0.25s 0.25s 0.25s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
100% 95% 100%


The Wingman, most players can agree, is currently the best all-round gun you can hope to find in Apex Legends – provided you can hit your shots. It’s a very high skill ceiling weapon, with the heft and damage of a sniper rifle and a decent rate of fire. What makes this pistol truly supreme is the fact that it can be used effectively at any range (long, medium, or close-quarters) and it doesn’t require attachments to be powerful (though of course attachments do help). The Wingman was the other gun to be nerfed with the 07 March patch notes (read about it with our Apex Legends update guide), with nerfs to its overall drop chance, its fire rate, its hip fire accuracy, and the headshot damage increase provided by its Skullpiercer Hop Up attachment. But even so, it’s one of the most lethal and sought-after guns in Apex Legends.


The bog standard pistol and probably the all-round weakest gun currently in Apex Legends (with the possible exception of the Mozambique), the P2020 is a passable early-game weapon but nothing more. It’s very quick though, and if – IF – you hit your shots, then you can still deal a lot of damage to an enemy at close or medium range.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 trades a little damage and a little bit of reload time on the P2020 in order to be fully automatic, which means all you need to worry about is aiming the gun in the right direction. A larger clip size is always good as well. But be warned – the RE-45 features as much horizontal recoil as it does vertical. Take a look at the spray pattern above and learn to counter it in order to use this gun effectively.

That’s everything we currently have to offer on the myriad weapons available in Apex Legends. The best thing to do in order to get to grips with each weapon is practice in the game’s Training Mode, and learn to counter the spray patterns of each weapon in turn. I hope you gleaned some useful info from this guide, and check back soon for all the most up-to-date tips and stats!

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