All Pirate Camp Locations for the First Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Event Challenge


Here is how to complete the first challenge of the Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Event.

Epic Games have announce in the v8.30 update that there will be a Buccaneer’s Bounty Event where players can complete four challenges and earn different rewards for completing each day. The first challenge has been revealed for the event:

Fortnite Buccaneer's Bounty Challenges

Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Challenges

  • Visit a Pirate Camp in different matches (10)

In order to complete this challenge, simply go to a Pirate Camp located on the map. We have highlighted all the seven locations of the Pirate Camps on the map below:

Fortnite All Pirate Camp Locations Map

Fortnite All Pirate Camp Locations Map

Remember, the challenge requires players to visit the Pirate Camps in different matches so the quickest way to complete the challenge is to kill yourself once you have landed at the camp and then get into another match.

Once you have completed the challenges, you will rewarded with the Plunder glider, “Set sail to plunder!”

Buccaneer's Bounty Reward Day 1 - Fortnite Plunder Glider

Buccaneer’s Bounty Reward Day 1 – Fortnite Plunder Glider

Another challenge will be unlocked tomorrow and there will be four challenges in total to complete. Players will be given a reward for completing each challenge and once all four challenges have been completed, you will also be awarded with an emote.

We will be covering the challenges as soon as they are live and will provide tips on how to complete them were necessary. Make sure you complete the challenges before the event ends in 6 days as these challenges will not be available to complete after the event, therefore the rewards cannot be redeemed.

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