‘Fortnite’ v8.30 Skin Leaks: Inferno Bundle, Ruin and Founder’s Pack Rewards


It’s Fortnite patch day, giving players of the highly successful battle royale new content to peruse. Patch v8.30 continues flooding lava onto the island, changing the landscape in ways we’ve never seen before. Gameplay changes are nice and all but cosmetic bundles are really where the fun is. An Nvidia Bundle that gives players access to the Reflex skin is available now for those who purchased a graphics card from the manufacturer and register it online.

The Ruin skin, a new bundle featuring Inferno and new rewards for Founder’s Pack players to mess around with can all be found here.

fortnite ruin skin leak discoveryThe Ruin skin can be seen in game Reddit via SpartanG28

Fortnite Ruin Skin

The Ruin skin, which features a medieval knight engulfed in evil flames, is available to players who complete all eight weeks of the Discovery challenges. Epic Games has been teasing the bad boy through tweets and small vignettes, but now players finally get a good chance to see the skin for themselves. He comes equipped with a flaming beetle shell back bling that wouldn’t be out of place in a Power Rangers episode. For how much time you are going to have put into Fortnite to unlock Ruin, he better be worth it.

fortnite inferno skin bundle v-bucks v8The Inferno skin for Fortnite Fnbr.co

Fortnite Inferno Bundle

Last patch, players noticed that there was an odd fiery skin without any name or information tied to it in the code. In v8.30, we finally know who Inferno is and why he has that flaming sickle. It seems like Epic Games will (hopefully) start selling an Inferno Bundle for 20 dollars in the near future, similar to what they did with the Fallen Love Ranger bundle. You’ll get the Inferno skin, a pickaxe, a wrap and some V-Bucks to buy another skin of your choosing. It’s unclear when this skin will hit the Item Shop, but it can’t be far off.

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fortnite founder's pack rewards skins leakThe Founder’s pack rewards for Fortnite players Twitter

Fortnite Founder’s Pack Rewards

Those players who purchased for the Save the World mode are finally getting the rewards they were promised. Logging in after v8.30 updates, you’ll be greeted to two new items for you to play around with.The Rose Glow pickaxe and a new glider might not be an insane reward, but it should keep fans happy.

Are you satisfied or is the Ruin skin not scratching your itch? Tell us in the comments.  

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