Leaked V8.30 Fortnite Skins, Pickaxes and Gliders In-Game Footage


Here is the footage of all leaked cosmetics found in the v8.30 Fortnite update.

The v8.30 update for Fortnite went live today and even though this update did require some downtime, there weren’t a lot of files added to the game. Data-miners had found some cosmetics that had been added, although not many skins were leaked. You can see the in-game footage of the skins and other cosmetics that were leaked in this update by and below:

Ruin (Legendary)
All will fall

Inferno (Legendary) with Crimson Scythe Pickaxe

Falcon (Legendary)
Soar on the wings of the fabled falcon

Relax Axe (Rare)
Victory is in the palm in your hand

Peely Pick (Rare)
Wield the power of the peel

Dread (Rare)
Instill fear

There weren’t as many cosmetic leaked in the v8.30 update as there normally are, especially skins, but there is a new event taking place, called the Buccaneer’s Bounty Event, where players will be given a reward for completing free challenges. The first challenge is live right now and the next challenge will be available tomorrow.

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To find out more about the Buccaneer’s Bounty Event and how to complete the challenge, click here.

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