The Fortnite Season 8, Week 7 challenges have dropped, bringing with them a fairly mundane week. One of the more interesting challenges however is a multi-stage challenge that asks you to deal damage (any amount) to an opposing player while riding on a Zipline. Stage two is a little bit more frustrating, asking you to deal damage an opponent while they ride the Zipline.

This seems fairly straightforward at first, find a weapon, find a Zipline, then try to land a hit while either riding or an enemy is riding the Zipline. Ziplines are fairly common and are typically quite easy to spot. The issue with this challenge is you also need to have an enemy nearby to complete either stage of this challenge.

The best strategy is to try and land in an area with an abundance of Ziplines but also loot. There are a few primary areas on that map that contain a large amount of Ziplines, some chests and also vehicles. Below is a map where high concentrations of Ziplines are present, circled in red. This makes them the best place to start.

Zipline Locations Map

Zipline Map

Of all the areas circled, four of them stand out above the rest: the hill west of Lonely Lodge, the mountain northeast of Pleasant Park, Polar Peak and the hill northeast of Happy Hamlet. The jungle biome contains quite a few Ziplines, but they tend to be a bit spread out, helping you travel the north and east perimeters of the biome. These will be considerably less trafficked than the above four locations.

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Remember this is a multi-stage challenge, you won’t be able to ride a Zipline and shoot someone else on a Zipline to get credit for both stages. You have to finish the game first, before continuing onto the next stage.

Happy Hamlet Ziplines

Happy Hamlet

This location is just northeast of Happy Hamlet high atop a hill. It contains a few chests, an expedition outpost, numerous Ziplines and Ballers. Out of the four notable locations however, this is probably the third best choice. This is mostly because it tends to not have two high value locations nearby and therefore has less pull.

Lonely Lodge Ziplines

Lonely Lodge

This location and Pleasant Park tend to be on very even footing. Just to the west of Lonely Lodge is a hill with an expedition outpost atop it. It contains a fair few Ballers, some chests and a veritable smorgasbord of Ziplines. As Lonely Lodge and Retail Row are both nearby, combined with the vehicle spawns, this tends to be a fairly popular landing location.

Polar Peak Ziplines

Polar Peak

Of the four most promising locations, I’d consider this the least likely to pay dividends out of the four. While it does contain more loot than the other three areas, It doesn’t contain any real vehicles, less Ziplines than the other locations and is competing directly with the Happy Hamlet location nearby, which tends to divert and split up traffic between the two.

Pleasant Park Ziplines

Pleasant Park

The large mountain to the northeast Pleasant Park functions very similarly to the Lonely Lodge location. Lots of Ziplines, some loot and many Ballers. The fact that Pleasant Park is nearby also tends to attract a lot of people landing in the area as well.

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With these locations in mind, Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge would be your best bets in a vacuum. However, when you factor in that more players tend to jump out of the Battle Bus sooner rather than later, picking the locations closest to the initial exit is a better option in terms of raw numbers. Also, doing this challenge while its new also ups your odds significantly as more people will be deliberately landing in these locations.

After that it’s just a matter of trying to rush to the closest chest and find a gun, then hoping you can make it to a Zipline before you die, or letting your opponent try the same (depending on which stage you’re on) before taking your shots. Happy high speed hunting.

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