Fortnite has a brand-new Fortbyte Challenge, and we want you to finish it as quickly as possible. In this no-nonsense guide we reveal the location of Fortbyte #69 found inside a Stone Pig Building.

Fortbyte #69 Location – Found inside a Stone Pig Building

You’ll find the Stone Pig Building in the southeast corner of Lucky Landing as marked on the map below.

fortnite fortbyte 69 mapGo to the southeast corner of Lucky Landing to find the Stone Pig Building. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

This is what the Stone Pig Building Looks like.

fortnite fortbyte 69 stone pigThis is what the Stone Pig Building looks like. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

Just remove the materials from where its snout would otherwise be and you’ll find the location of Fortbyte #69.

fortnite fortbyte 69 locationFortbyte #69 is located under the Stone Pig’s snout. Epic Games/VITREOUS @ YouTube

Today’s Fortbyte continues Epic’s line of daily fetch quests for Season 9 Battle Pass owners. Over the past week players have found Fortbytes in Snowy Town Book Shops and by using a special Pickaxe. On Tuesday, players had to search for a Historical Diorama hidden inside No Sweat Insurance. The task for Fortbyte #69 isn’t that complicated, because knowing the correct location essentially guarantees getting it done. Just like all prior Fortbytes, Fortbyte #69 reveals a small piece of a Loading Screen that will be fully uncovered by the end of Season 9. For even more Fortbyte locations, feel free to check out our Fortbyte location guide.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

What are your thoughts on the location of Fortbyte #69? Were you able to find the Fortbyte inside a Stone Pig Building? Tell us in the comments section!

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