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Who needs a room with a view? This time in Fortnite you’re hunting down some makeshift lodgings with some portholes that are more wishful thinking than useful: “Containers with windows”.

Not only do you have to track down these illusive locations, but you have to collect chests from them as well. This means that you don’t have a 100% chance of finding a chest every time, so you’re probably going to have to come back multiple times across multiple games.

Let’s get this out of the way. The containers don’t really have windows, just painted on sprays, so don’t be confused.

There are six containers with windows that we’ve found in total, and here’s where you need to go!

Search chests inside containers with windows

We’ve listed all of the locations where you can find containers with windows in the table below, as well as marking them on the map:

Containers with windows locations Map Reference
South of Paradise Palms I9
There are two in the vicinity of the old Flush Factory area, one in the middle, one in the south E9
South of Dusty Depot F6
There are two stranded in the Lava River south of Pressure Plant H4

Container with windows – South of Paradise Palms

The first container with windows that you can find is in the junkyard to the south of Paradise Palms. Just follow the road south down towards the edge of the map and it’s on the eastern side.

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On the northern side of the small area, next to the building, you’ll find the container.

Containers with windows – Flush Factory

You can find two containers with windows in the southwest of the map, down where Flush Factory used to be in what’s now the Snowy area.

The first one is between the two walled factory areas.

While the second one is inside the bottom part of the southernmost building in the southern walled factory area.

Containers with windows – South of Dusty Depot

There’s yet another windowed container to the south of the recently reintroduced Dusty Depot.

It’s high up on top of a pile of other containers, so you’ll either have to build up to get to it, or swoop down straight from the battle bus!

Containers with Windows – lava river south of Pressure Plant

Finally, you can find two more stranded on the lava river to the south of Pressure Plant.

The first is almost directly south of the plant, in the middle of a larger, rocky platform.

The second one is a little to the southwest on a smaller island. Both have a big pirate spray on the side too.

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