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This could be one of the more unpredictable challenges we’ve seen in Fortnite for a while! While other tasks have had you looking for tags, now it’s your turn to be the tagger and spray a fountain, junkyard crane, and a vending machine in Fortnite.

Once you find each one of these locations, you can use any spray in your locker on them to gain credit for the challenge!

Spray a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine locations

We’ve listed the locations in the below table, and also marked them on the map:

Spray a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine Map Reference
Fountains are in the middle of Mega Mall H6
Junkyard Cranes are up in Junk Junction B1-B2
Vending Machines can be found all over the map B1-B2, B3, B4

Fountains – Mega Mall

The most likely location for the fountains is the middle of Mega Mall. They’re definitely fountains, and they’re a large enough point on the map to make sense.

To find one, just drop straight into the middle of the Mega Mall area, through the hole in the mall’s roof, and you’re basically on top of a fountain.

A chest often spawns here, so you have an opportunity to defend yourself too. You’re also quite close to a container with windows that’s south of Dusty Depot here, as well as a graffiti covered billboard at the racetrack.

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Junkyard Cranes – Junk Junction

The most likely location for this challenge is in the extreme northwest of the map: Junk Junction – north of where a lot of the Gas Stations are near Pleasant Park.

Up on the western side of the area, you’ll find a big crane overlooking the main building. Use your spray on the crane here, and you’ll be given credit for the challenge.

Vending Machines locations

This step is a little more difficult. It doesn’t want you to spray one of the static decorative vending machines – which there’s one to the west of the fountains in Mega Mall – but the randomly spawning ones that appear all over the map. The best place to try and do this is right after you’ve sprayed the crane at Junk Junction.

A vending machine can spawn right next to the main building in Junk Junction, but plenty more spawn on the road south of it too.

Run through the centre of Haunted Hills and one spawns next to the path.

If there isn’t one there, continue south until you see a building on the east side of the road – another vending machine can spawn here.

And if you get unlucky and there isn’t one here either, keep heading south then bear east towards the old pirate camp. On the bottom floor of this building is another Vending Machine spawn.

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