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It’s Week 2 in the new season of Fortnite, and you’re on the hunt for some lost spray cans.

For this challenge, you need to find five spray cans as part of the Spray and Pray mission. You’ll be able to see some graffiti that shows you’re in the right area and that there’s a spray can nearby.

There are seven spray cans to find, and once you’re done you can complete the Prestige challenge, where you’ll need to spray cars and trucks in different named locations to earn your battle stars.

Fortnite: Spray can locations

Once you’ve found five of these spray cans, you can progress on to the Prestige challenge down below.

  • In the cave at the end of the lava at the volcano. Search the large pillar that’s just inside.
  • At the umbrella near The Block, by the handle.
  • By a tree and a cactus Southeast of Paradise Palms.
  • In the small junk pile in the North of Junk Junction.
  • In a tent beside the disco, Northeast of Happy Hamlet.
  • Near a tree across from the frozen waterfall, South of Viking Village.
  • Head into the shafts at Shifty Shaft and smash through the wooden wall to find the can.

Fortnite: Spray cars and trucks in different named locations

For the second half of this challenge, you need to spray cars in trucks in six different named locations.

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You can find cars and trucks in almost every location, but you’ll need to visit six individual places for it to count. You can use any spray you like, but make sure it isn’t a flattened car like the ones in Junk Junction.

The only place where you might struggle to find any cars or trucks is in Tilted Town after the Rift Zone turned it into an old town road.

And that’s it! if you’re looking for more Fortnite guides, you can check out where to find the stop signs here, as well as where you can visit a Drift painted Durrr Burger Head.

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