Tfue kills Bugha, Ghost Bizzle and Dubs in 1 v 3 Fortnite Champions Cup Video Replay


Fortnite god, Tfue, cleans up Bugha, Ghost Bizzle and Dubs

Though Tfue struggled in the World Cup, in which Bugha won, he made easy work and straight out dialed up kills when he went through the Trio squad quickly.  It began when Ghost Bizzle tried to take him out on the Meteor and ended with Tfue making quick work of Bugha.

Tfue made it look easy, in fact, in a 1 vs 1, he may be the best Fortnite player as his aim and “Fortnititude” are simply spot on.  Bugha, summed it up best when he said, “Why did we do that?”, wise words from the young gun, Fortnite World Cup champion.

Video below, warning it does have some R rated language, as can be expected, when you punk the Trio, in a 1 vs 3, stream sniper scenario.  Bottomline, Tfue is probably the most skilled Fortnite player on the planet, as these three top ranked Fortnite players melted in his hands like butter.☠

H/T Fortnite Champ on Youtube

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