Apex Legends Now Lets You Track Patches, Updates And Fixes Through A Public Trello Board


Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s beloved battle royale, has found a way to be extremely transparent about its development processes and upcoming patches. Every issue investigation, community concern, server patch and common player request is now being tracked on a publicly available Trello board called the Apex Tracker. Anyone is free to follow this link and keep on top of the changes that are coming to Apex Legends.

“Our goal with the dev tracker is provide players with more visibility into some of the bigger community issues that we’ve seen reported and working on,” an introductory post reads. “Note that this board doesn’t account for ALL the things we’re tracking.” Right now, the board tracks a variety of issues that the team is investigating or dealing with this week, and hints at fixes coming in future patches.

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Apex Legends – 1 VS 60 Solo Match Champion

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The board divides information between a few headings: quality of life features, bugs that are being addressed, UI updates, networking issues, and all recent and upcoming updates. The team has promised to update the cards on the board at least once a week. There are also cards explaining how to report bugs and hackers, as well as links to the team’s social media and Reddit pages.

The game recently hit Season 2, and received an extensive patch, a map rework, and a new character, Wattson. There’s a limited time solo mode available in the game right now too, which pits you against 59 opponents without any teammates. The Iron Crown Event is also currently running in-game.

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