Fortnite's Update Has Been Delayed


Fortnite players who stayed up waiting for the latest update to drop will have been disappointed early Tuesday morning if they missed out on Epic Games’ announcement of a last-minute delay. The developer announced on Monday that the v10.10 update would not be releasing at its originally intended time due to “issues discovered with the build.” It wasn’t said what those issues were, but many players are vocalizing once again that they hope this update has some nerfs for the mechs whenever it releases.

A new release timing for the update hasn’t been given, but it’s not unheard of to have Fortnite’s updates pushed back slightly after release dates have been announced. These delayed updates have historically released within the same week, though we can’t know for sure when v10.10 will be out until Epic Games shares its updated plans.

Players always share their wishlist with Epic Games in the replies of these tweets where they ask for things to change, return, or be vaulted, and mentions of the B.R.U.T.E. mechs added at the start of Season X have been showing up more often than other features lately. The same is true for this announcement of the update’s delay as players hope that the patch notes will contain related to the mechs. Calls to have the mechs either severely nerfed or vaulted completely are seen most frequently where the occasional defender of the mechs asks for them not to be vaulted.

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A nerf for these mechs was released not long ago, but it wasn’t enough for those who oppose the dominant robots. Epic Games announced last weekend that it had reduced the spawn rates of the mechs which made them appear less often but didn’t actually make them easier to fight once a player did manage to find one.

Whether it has mech changes or not, the v10.10 update shouldn’t be too far out assuming the last-minute issues are resolved quickly. Expect an announcement from Epic Games sometime soon to offer more information on its release timing.


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