Luckiest PUBG Player Ever Dies In Hilariously Unlucky Fashion


There was awhile where it looked like Fortnite might completely kill off PUBG. However, the battle royale game is bigger than ever thanks to its success in different Asian markets. A lot of people still play the game, and so every so often highlights and hilarious clips of the PS4, Xbox One, mobile, and PC game pop up on my various social media feeds. That said, today, one of the best PUBG clips I’ve ever seen popped up, and I’ve probably already watched it 10 times. As the title of the clip suggests, it involves the unluckiest lucky guy ever.

The clip unravels from the perspective of a prone sniper right on the edge of the storm, and begins as they watch another player in a vehicle tumble down the side of a mountain, desperately trying to get inside the circle. Somehow, things work out for the player, who after a long series of tumbles lands perfectly to drive into safety. And that’s what they do. While this happens, the sniper has them in their scope the whole time. Eventually the player vacates the car, and the moment they do is the moment they realize their luck has run out.

This has got to be the luckiest unlucky guy ever from r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

As you can see, there’s a reason why the clip went viral on the Reddit page. I can only imagine the series of emotions that player went through. Against all odds they make it into the circle, and then the moment they catch their breath they get shot by a sniper who clearly witnessed the whole thing. Life as the luckiest unlucky guy ever can’t be easy.

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PUBG is available for PS4, Xnox One, PC, and mobile devices. At the moment of publishing, there’s been no word of any additional ports.

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