John Wick Hex will be let loose on Epic Games Store October 8


Yeah, I’m thinking he’s back

Anyone eager to lock ‘n’ load as unstoppable assassin John Wick finally has a date with which to their calendars. As announced by publisher Good Shepard Entertainment, John Wick Hex will be unleashed on PC and Mac via Epic Games Store October 8.

Described by the producers as “Fight-choreographed chess”, John Wick Hex is a strategy title that lets players step into the lethal shoes of the man in black. Utilising Wick’s expert weapon skills – as well as his penchant for brutal hand-to-hand combat – players must efficiently apply attack, defence, movement and reload strategies to take down another army of suckers foolhardy enough to stand up against the world’s most dangerous hitman.

An original storyline, which sees Wick go up against mysterious antagonist “Hex”, is related via neon-soaked, stylised cutscenes and includes the voice talent of Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, and Troy Baker. John Wick Hex is developed by Bithell Games of Thomas Was Alone fame, though I feel this title will be a little more aggressive than the latter.

John Wick Hex launches October 8 on PC and Mac via Epic Games Store.

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