Fortnite Joker Gas Canister Locations Guide: Where To Defuse 3 Canisters


Fortnite x Batman is live, and the new crossover adds Gotham City and much more Batman-themed content to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile game. Included in the slab of new content is a new bundle of limited-time Batman challenges for players to knock out. And, as always, special rewards are up for grabs for those that complete the challenges, including a Catwing Glider that matches the new Catwoman skin in the game’s store. One of these challenges involves the Joker and his gas canisters.

To complete this challenge, you’re going to need to act quick in matches. There’s only a limited amount of canisters and they don’t spawn in any specific location. That said, you have until October 1 to complete the challenge, so with enough patience, you should be able to knock it out soon enough. So, where do you find these gas canisters? Well, they can be found all over the map, but there’s certain locations where they seem to pop up more frequently.

The place where I personally had the most luck was in Gothm City Rift Zone, Loot Lake, and Salty Springs. However, all of these places tend to be pretty hot on drop. So, if you aren’t comfortable dropping somewhere with multiple other players, just pick another point of interest and drop there. Then listen for a beeping sound. If you have good headphones, you should wear them, because they will give you a leg up on the competition by letting you pinpoint the location of the beeping quicker.

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That said, once you’ve found a canister, all you need to do is defuse by following the button prompt, that’s it. Of course, all three need to be defused in a different location, so don’t bother trying to defuse two in the same location. Upon completion, the game will deal out your 10 Battle Stars. Again, all of the new Batman-themed challenges will be available until October 1. After this, they will be locked away for good, as will their rewards.

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