Fortnite Joker Gas Canister Locations – How and Where to Defuse Joker Gas Canisters


Here is where you can find all of the Joker Gas Canisters on the Fortnite Battle Royale map in order to complete the defuse Joker gas canisters found in different named locations Challenge.

New challenges has just gone live in Fortnite Battle Royale called ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ which have been added for the Fortnite x Batman collaboration. There are a total of six challenges to complete and you can see them all here. Completing these challenges will award you with different cosmetics and Battle Stars and they are only available for 10 days.

One of the challenges is to defuse Joker gas canisters found in different named locations and this article will show you all the locations of the Joker gas canisters to help you complete this challenge.

Joker Gas Canisters Fortnite Map Location Guide

Here is a map to show you the locations of some of the Joker gas canisters. We will be updating this article with more locations shortly as well as in-game images to help you find the exact location.

Fortnite Joker Gas Canisters Map Locations

Fortnite Joker Gas Canisters Map Locations

In order to complete this challenge, you will need to defuse three gas canisters in different named locations. You will be able to hear a beeping sound coming from the canisters once you get closer to it and the beeping will get gradually get quicker.

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The gas canister will eventually explode if you do not defuse it in time and you will not get any damage if you are next to the canister when this happens, however you will not have defused it and therefore will not have completed the challenge. Another gas canister will not spawn in the same match.

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