Fortnite Joker Gas Canister Locations


Our Fortnite Joker Gas Canister Locations Guide features all the exact spots you’ll need to go on the map to complete the Defuse Joker gas canisters found in different named locations challenge! These are part of the new Batman themed Welcome to Gotham City Mission that has just been released for Season 10.

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Joker Gas Canister Locations

There’s three Joker Gas Canisters that we currently know of but there could be more. You can find the ones we’re aware of at Pleasant Park, Loot Lake, and Salty Springs.

Loot Lake Location

You can find this one near the car that is parked right next to the low gravity area at Loot Lake. It’s on the west side of this area, right off of the destroyed buildings.

Salty Springs Location

You’ll find this Joke Gas Canister right in the middle of Salty Springs next to the car wreck that has been waiting to be cleaned up forever!

Pleasant Park Location

The final one you will need is right in the middle of Pleasant Park under the wooden structure that’s there.

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