Fortnite Welcome to Gotham City Challenges Cheat Sheet Map – Bat Signals Locations


Here is a Cheat Sheet to help you complete all the Welcome to Gotham City Challenges that were released earlier today.

Epic Games have officially announced the Fortnite x Batman collaboration today and with this collaboration, there were new cosmetics that have been released in the Item Shop, which can be seen here. There are also six new challenges players can complete to earn cosmetics as part of the Welcome to Gotham City Challenges.

For the collaboration, Tilted Town has been changed to Gotham City and when you enter this POI, you will see the message, “Glide at will”, and your glider will change to a bat and the town will be in black and white. You will be able to deploy the glider when jumping from high buildings and you can build and break objects now that Tilted Town has been replaced.

Here are all of the challenges you will need to complete:

Click the highlighted challenges below to view a guide on how to complete them!

Fortnite x Batman Welcome to Gotham City Cheat Sheet Map

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@ItsEnergie has created a Cheat Sheet to help you to complete these challenges quickly. You can click on the challenges above for a more detailed guide on where the Joker gas canisters and Bat Signals are located.

Fortnite x Batman Challenges Cheat Sheet Map Location Guide

Fortnite x Batman Challenges Cheat Sheet Map Location Guide

ItsEnergie has highlighted enough gas canisters and Bat Signal locations on the map in order to complete the challenges. There are different rewards you will get for completing the challenges, including Battle Stars and different cosmetics. To view all of the rewards for completing these challenges, click here.

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