Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season 11) Skins List – Leaks, Battle Pass, New Cosmetics!


Our Fortnite Chapter 2 Skins List takes a look at all of the leaked information there is on the next season of the battle pass! We will be featuring all of the skins you’ll be able to earn from Season 11 in this post once they are available.

As of right now, there’s a lot of speculation in terms of leaks but only one real solid one in terms of seeing a visual. On the Italian iOS app, the name “Chapter 2” was leaked along with what appears to be a new map, default skins, and a new vehicle that appears to be a boat!

You’ll notice that those default skins at the bottom have a totally different look to them, which likely means they will be updated once the new season goes live!

File Name Skin Leaks

A lot of file names were found in a big leak during Season 10. Some of these ended up being released already, but a lot of them have not. There’s no telling what exactly these are going to be for, they might just end up being old skins that never got added to the game. Some interesting standouts were the Female Fishstick, Cattus monster skin (likely scrapped), and SquidKid that could be or have been a skin from Splatoon. You can find more of the listed file names on this post.

Female Skins

  • FlowerSkeleton
  • BabaYaga
  • Celestial (Female Galaxy)
  • CubeRockerPunk (Dark Power Chord)
  • Razor
  • RaveNinja
  • ForestQueen
  • FutureBikerShorts
  • FParkourRobber
  • TeriyakiFishPrincess (Female Fishstick?)
  • LemonLime

Male Skins

  • Cattus (Monster Skin?)
  • CrescentWizard
  • DarkRaptor
  • Durr Boxer
  • Hitman
  • Lion
  • Freak
  • Bat
  • CoolDog
  • Boxer
  • DarkDino
  • EmeraldDragon
  • EscapedPuppetFuzzy
  • EscapedPuppetHat
  • EscapedPuppetSuspenders
  • Tomato Boxer
  • Wizkid
  • Wraith
  • SquidKid
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Halloween Skins?

You might have already seen these already in-game at the movie theater in Gotham City, but they are very likely a teaser towards skins we could be seeing during the Halloween festivities during Season 11. The names that are listed below the posters are what they were labeled in the files. I would be very surprised if these don’t end up as skins sometime in the future.

Halloween Skin Name Leaks

To kind of bolster the likelihood of the posters being Halloween skins, there were some file name leaks that displayed some names that line up with some of those posters. You’ll also notice that there’s one called “Ghoul Trooper – Male” which likely means they will be bringing back the long sought after Ghoul Trooper skin. Keep in mind with file name leaks that the names of the actual skins will rarely be the same as the file name.

  • “Skull Trooper Neon – Male”
  • “Gangster Monster – Male”
  • “Ghoul Trooper – Male”
  • “Cuddle Team Dark – Female”
  • “The Dark One – Male”
  • “Slurp Creature – Male”
  • “Wraith – Female”
  • “Pale spooky – Female”
  • “Modern Witch – Female”


“Minty” Halloween Bundle

Kind of a weird leak, but it appears that a bundle called “Minty” will be coming out on Halloween (Source). Not much is known about it, and it was removed from the Epic Games Store API shortly after it showed up.

Darkfire Bundle

This isn’t so much a leak anymore since you can pre-purchase it on Amazon (Affiliate Link). However, it will be released on November 5th, 2019 so it falls under Season 11 and not everyone knows about it.

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The Darkfire Bundle will include three remixed Legendary skins: Power Chord, Omen, & Ark with each of their back blings. You’ll also be getting three Epic Wraps and three Rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes, plus a new Emote!

Included Cosmetics

  • Dark Power Chord
  • Dark Six String
  • Molten Omen
  • Molten Battle Shroud
  • Shadow Ark
  • Shadow Ark Wings
  • Three epic Wraps
  • Three rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes
  • A new Emote

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