Fortnite Black Hole Event Guide – Mini-Game, Code, & More!


Our Fortnite Black Hole Guide is keeping track of everything going on with what’s going on in the game after “The End” event took place. There’s a lot of questions and information swirling around, so we’re going to do our best to make sure you are up to speed on what you need to know!

What is the Fortnite Black Hole?

The black hole is where we ended up after “The End” event. It is likely a way for Epic to hide their server maintenance while they get ready to push the brand new season of Fortnite. According to leaks, we will likely be getting a new map!

When is Something Going to Happen?

Based on a leak, it looks like there’s a possibility something will happen at the following times:

  • kevin_says_hello – 5:07 PM EST
  • survey_br_nick_001 – 6:07 PM EST

These are “event flags” which will trigger something during the event. We don’t know exactly what these will trigger, but make sure to keep your eyes out during these times!

What About My Cosmetics?!

If you’re worried, there’s zero chance that Fortnite is going away. Your account and all of your cosmetics are safe! It has been confirmed by the AskPlayStation Twitter account:

Fortnite Black Hole Information

The whole game of Fortnite has been sucked into what appears to be a black hole. Across all of Epic’s Fortnite social media accounts and the official website is showing video of the anomaly. What does this all mean? Well, we don’t know just yet, but it’s likely covering up server downtime that is pretty standard for when the game is updated for the next battle pass. The server can be down for two to three hours, but no official amount of time is known right now.

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Numbers are Appearing

Numbers are starting to show up on the screen periodically, we’ve seen “146, 11, 15, 62” so far! We don’t yet know what these mean, but we’ll keep you posted!

Black Hole Mini-Game & Code

If you log into Fortnite you will just see the black hole, but to pass the time you can play a small little mini-game:

To enable the game, press the input the following code on your controller or keyboard:

  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B(O) A(X) Start (Enter/Options)!

The game is very similar to Galaga, which is an old school arcade game. Peely currently has the high score, but nothing happens if you are able to beat it! Other than being a way to pass the time, it doesn’t seem like the game does anything else.

Fortnite: StW (Save the World) Might Become Free

It looks like Fortnite: Save the World might end up being free! It is no longer available for purchase, so that might mean you’ll be able to play for free once Season 11 hits.

Server Status is “Anomaly Detected”

If you check out Fortnite’s server status, it will display the following screen with the phrase “Anomaly Detected” repeated for all of Fortnite’s operations.

Fortnite “The End” Event Video

If you missed the lead up event to the black hole, check out the video below!

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