Fortnite' Battle Pass Trailer Leaks New Missions, Boats & Fishing for Chapter 2 Season 1


The trailer for Season 11 — or Chapter 2 Season 1 — of Fortnite has been leaked online, giving players the first chance to see what the game will look like after the black hole swallows everything up.

fortnite season 1 chapter 2 leakedFortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 battle pass has been leaked Skin Tracker

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass and Trailer Leak

Though there hasn’t been any confirmation as to what is actually going to happen over the next few days, the website Skin Tracker posted a snippet of what looks to be the trailer ahead of any concrete information found online.

Then, just a few minutes later, the website tweeted out the full trailer for the new season. The Skin Tracker account was quickly deactivated but the information was already available online. Other websites have cached the video, making it available before Epic Games intended for its release.

fortnite chapter 2 season 1More skins seen in the trailer Skin Tracker

In the trailer, we can see that there’s a new progression system, allowing players to level up in never before played ways. Medals for collecting materials, opening up chests and even fishing will be available when the update launches sometime after the blackhole finishes doing its damage. There are also boats (a much hyped about addition) and a power plant that blooms in the distance. The map is completely new; say farewell to Tilted Towers.

On Sunday evening, Fortnite was swallowed up by a black hole in preparation for a massive update. Those inside of a match were sucked into a black hole and transcended both space and time. For the past day, players that try and log into the game are met with an error message before being sucked into a massive black hole. For the past 22 hours, besides the occasional number and rotating star, the only consistent viewable has been this black hole.

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Players unable to load into their favorite battle royale have had to find other ways to fill their time. Thousands of people are watching live streams of the whole on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch while even more keep the game open on their respective platforms just in case something is about to happen.

Fortnite Battle Pass leakedThe new squad for chapter 2 season 1 Skin Tracker

While waiting for chapter two to begin, you can enter the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start) on your controller while watching the black hole in Fortnite, you’ll get access to a Galaga inspired minigame. Shoot down burgers as a slice of pizza while you wait for the new map to come. Since players have only had this game to mess around with while the event, they’ve had to get creative with their pizza shooter expression.

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