Fortnite EGO Outpost Locations: Where to visit five different E.G.O Outposts


Here’s all the Fortnite EGO Outpost locations on the Chapter 2 map for the visit different EGO outposts for the week 5 challenges for the Lowdown Mission.

We’re already onto our fifth mission in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1. This fifth mission is called ‘Lowdown’ and as with other missions, there are a total of eleven challenges to complete.

One of the challenges requires players to know where the EGO outpost locations are in Fortnite as there’s two challenges at the outposts. One of the challenges is to search 7 chests at E.G.O outposts. The second challenge requires players to visit 5 different EGO outposts.

We’ve created a quick guide marking the locations where you can find and visit the different EGO outposts around the map.

EGO Outpost Fortnite Locations: Where to find and visit different EGO outposts in Fortnite

  •  EGO Science Station – Northwest of Pleasant Park – You’ll find an EGO outpost near Pleasant Park. Head north west until you’re at the beach.
  • EGO Staging Post – Northwest of Dirty Docks – There’s a small outpost in northwest of Dirty Docks. It’s one large building with a few cars surrounding it.
  • EGO Barracks – North of Lazy Lake – This is a larger outpost. There’s three small buildings surrounded by a metal fence.
  • EGO Hangar – Southwest of Holly Hedges – This outpost is pretty close to Holly Hedges. There’s one hangar, but there’s a large truck in there instead of plane. There’s no metal fence around outpost.
  • EGO Comm Tower – West of Misty Meadows – South side of the mountains on the map. One large building with a satellite on the top.
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Here’s what each outpost looks like and a map of all EGO outpost locations marked on a map:

E.G.O. Staging Post

E.G.O. Staging Post via ProGameGuides

E.G.O. Barracks

E.G.O. Barracks via ProGameGuides

E.G.O. Comm Tower

E.G.O. Comm Tower via ProGameGuides

E.G.O. Hangar

E.G.O. Hangar via ProGameGuides

E.G.O. Science Station

E.G.O. Science Station

Fortnite E.G.O. Outpost Map Locations

Fortnite E.G.O. Outpost Map Locations

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